BookByte Review: Can You Save and Make Money on Textbooks?

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If you are a college student, buying textbooks directly on campus can be a nightmare because they are so expensive and you don't get much back from returning them when the semester is over. Many college students are turning to alternative sources online to help them save money. Instead of purchasing the book at full cost, they can simply rent it and return it for cheaper when they are done. Websites like BookByte help college students this way, but is the process as effective as it claims or is it a major pain in the butt? Let's take a look.

What is BookByte? is a website focusing on buying, selling, and renting textbooks. The website began in 1999 and is owned by LLC. The company's headquarters are in Salem, Oregon. The website features 28 book categories with thousands of titles to choose from.

How Does BookByte Work?

All of the services on the website are completely free to use. The company offers information on how much textbooks you have may be worth as well as when the best time to sell them. You can rent and buy books from them as well. The company will show you how much a textbook will be worth based on the condition it is in. BookBytes provides a 10% loyalty fee for customers who sell back a textbook they purchased from the company.

BookByte Features

Buying Textbooks: Under the Buy Textbooks tab, you can look for the textbook you need through the search bar on the website. All you have to do is enter the title, the author's name, or the ISBN number. You then select if you want either a new or used option, add the book to your online shopping cart, and click on Check Out.

Selling Textbooks: To sell a textbook you own, visit the company's website and click on Sell Textbooks. Enter the ISBN number or tile in the search bar, and then you will be shown a picture of the book and how much BookByte is offering. If you like the amount offer, you can click on Continue Sale and get a free shipping label to print out. It takes approximately 4-14 days to arrive to the company. You will then receive your payment by your choice of either check or PayPal.

Renting Textbooks: You can search for the textbook you need and choose how long you want to rent the book. Terms are for 30, 60, 90, or 10 days. The company will send you email reminders before the book is due back. When your rental time is up, you can ship the book back to the company at no cost or choose to extend your rental time.

What We Like About BookByte

Excellent BBB Rating: Whether or not the BBB is a reputable source, many people rely on what they have to say about a company. At the time of this review, the company has an A+ rating and full accreditation.

Free Shipping: While not guaranteed with every order, BookByte does offer free shipping with textbook rentals, textbook sales to the company, and any purchase over $49. This is a complete money saver, as shipping costs for heavy items like books can be quite expensive.

Money Back Guarantee: The company will refund you all your money back if you return the textbook with 14 days of receiving it.

7-Day Grace Period: You don't have to worry is you miss returning a book on time. The company will give you an extra seven days to return the book without a late fee.

BookByte Complaints

Hurry Up Returns: Many companies give you 30 days to return a product. BookBytes only gives you a 14-day window to return your textbooks for a refund.

Good Luck Getting Your Cash: There are many online complaints in actually getting the cash promised by the company for selling textbooks. At times, the company offers one price on its website but customers then receive much less. Doesn't sound like fair business practices to me.

Lost in the Mail: Packages sent to the company have been reported as “being lost” according to customer service representatives. This results in the customer being out of luck on payment for their textbooks with no other recourse. Be sure to keep a careful eye on any packages sent to the company. Make sure you keep your tracking number to report any issues.

So Is BookByte A Scam or Not?

BookByte appears to be a reputable website for buying, selling, and renting textbooks. You can see how much the textbook is worth and get a quote upfront if you wish to sell. The company also offers a 14-day money back guarantee and a 7-day grace period on returns. However, the cash customers actually received for selling their books was sometimes much lower than what they were told on the website. Packaging sometimes never arrives as well.

You can save and get money with textbooks. However, the experience itself may be more of a hassle than it's worth. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with BookByte. So please leave a comment down below. I’d love to hear from you!

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BookByte Review
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Bookbyte seems like a legitimate way to buy and sell used textbooks. However based on some of the complaints you may not always get the amount of money quoted for your books.

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