Carchex Warranty Review: Is It Worth The Money?

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The convenience that comes with owning a car is simply irreplaceable. But what happens if it breaks down and your manufacturer warranty has expired? Having to foot the repairs bill on your own can be expensive. That's why companies like Carchex claim they can provide relief by extending car warranty beyond the factory warranty period. But you probably know better than to trust what you hear and that’s why you’re reading several Carchex Warranty Reviews to determine whether it’s the real deal or a scam waiting to happen. 

Well, be glad you’re here. After extensive research, we finally have the truth about the company, as you’ll read about in this Carchex review

What Is Carchex Warranty?

Carchex, found online at, is an extended warranty and mobile vehicle inspections company based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company was established in 1999, although they haven’t made their ownership information public at the time of writing this review. 

How Does Carchex Warranty Work?

Normally car manufacturers will insure your new vehicle for a certain period. But once that period elapses, you’ll need to cover repair costs yourself. So Carchex comes in to extend this warranty past the factory price. Here’s how Carchex warranty works.

You’ll start by getting a free car warranty quote. You’ll then choose a licensed repair facility anywhere in the country. They say it could be an independent repair facility, a national chain like Pep Boys, Firestone or Goodyear or even a repair shop. In case of a breakdown, the repair shop will submit a claim to Carchex subject to a diagnosis prior to the repair work. 

The extended warranty provider will then approve the information and documentation. Once the claim is approved, the repair facility will complete the repair and Carchex will pay the repair facility directly. 

Carchex Extended Car Warranty Features

Here are some of the features of the Carchex vehicle service contracts experience. 

  • Vehicle Protection – This is Carchex’s main warranty service that covers things such as air conditioning repair, electrical repair, engine rebuild and replacement, suspension repair and replacement, fuel system maintenance and transmission rebuild and replacement among many others. 
  • Inspections – Under this feature, you can order the Carchex 155-point pre-purchase inspection online. You’ll then get your inspection report sent to you by email within 3 business days. You can then bid on, or buy your Carchex-inspected car. 
  • Car Finance – If you need a loan to buy a new or used car, or maybe you want to refinance your existing car loan, Carchex says they can help you find the best prime and subprime loans for refinancing a car or truck you already own. You can fill out an online form and get quotes from 4 different lenders even if you have bad credit. 
  • Roadside – This feature includes services such as emergency towing, mechanical first aid, emergency battery service, lost key or lockout service, flat tire service, fuel delivery, theft reward and more. 
  • Carchex App – The Carchex roadside assistance app gives members access to their roadside assistance and customer service benefits. You can send your breakdown information to their dispatch center straight from the app and they’ll respond appropriately. It’s available for both Android and iOS

How Much Does Carchex Warranty Cost?

Since an extended warranty plan is a service agreement, how much your cover will cost is a combination of factors. That said, according to Carchex warranty, mileage quotes typically range anywhere from 35,000 miles to 130,000 miles. If you get a 5-year warranty plan costing $1,500 for example, you should expect to pay around 2 cents per mile covered. 

Carchex Extended Warranty Plans

Here’s an overview of their warranty plans and the components Carchex offers. 

Titanium Coverage – Under this extended warranties plan, you’ll get a comprehensive vehicle protection coverage for up to 10 years. It’s the closest you’ll come to the real factory warranty, with only a couple of exclusions. 

Platinum Coverage – This extended warranty plan includes a 5-10 year service term, and covers hundreds of parts. The Platinum coverage includes everything covered under the lower plans in addition to suspension components, enhanced electrical components, heating components and constituent parts. 

Gold Coverage – Gold extended warranties cover all major systems for 5-10 years. Carchex offers everything included in the lower tier plans in addition to 

  • Master cylinder parts and car repair
  • Metal hydraulic lines and fittings
  • Disc calipers and Backing plates
  • All Braking system components

Silver Coverage: The silver warranty plan covers the essentials as well as powertrain car coverage for 6-7 years. Carchex offers fuel delivery, electrical and air conditioning parts and repair as well. The plan also covers. 

  • Fuel pump and tank
  • Starter, Alternator and Ignition coil
  • Relays, Gauges and Switches
  • Air conditioning compressor
  • Clutch
  • Condenser fan

Bronze Coverage: Bronze extended warranties cover the major components of the vehicle for 5-6 years. It’s designed to cover the most common and expensive breakdown costs. In addition to powertrain extended warranty, the cover includes:

  • Engine components like pistons, bearings, crankshaft, connecting rods and main bearings, push rods, valves, and the timing gear. 
  • Transmission components 
  • Drive axle components and trans-axle housing, and final drive housing

How Do I Get Started With Carchex Warranty?

To get started, you can call them toll-free on 877-CARCHEX or go online and fill out an extended warranty quote request form. 

Carchex Extended Car Warranty Complaints

I bet you don’t expect Carchex to be perfect, and neither did we. That's why we wrote this review. So read some of the complaints against them and determine for yourself whether the company is worth your money. 

No means No! – If you hand over your contact information, expect them to contact you every now and then with all sorts of sales pitches. People say their sales department never gets tired of calling you more often than usual, and it can get really irritating because it seems they don’t know the meaning of the word No. 

Why did you deny my claim?Another frequent complaint on their Better Business Bureau page is that the company's customer service blatantly denies honoring claims for unclear reasons. Several customers had to follow up with claims for weeks, and in a few cases, their customer service denied knowledge of the customer account. Damn!

Is Carchex Extended Car Warranty Any Good?

Carchex is definitely worth checking out, but I would approach it with a grain of salt. Their Carchex warrnty plans are pretty comprehensive. They offer features like roadside assistance, the mobile app and 24/7 availability. Futhermore at the time of this review, their rating with the Better Business Bureau is also A+. However, some customers hit a rough patch while following up on claims. Furthermore they may be relentlessly with upselling their services down if you don’t take up a quote offer. 

Who Has the Best Extended Car Warranty?

If you’re looking for the best extended car warranty, go for convenience at the cheapest offer possible. Be sure to benchmark with other companies like Autopom, Endurance and American Auto Shield before settling on one. Other factors like customer service and money back guarantee are important as well. Ultimately, since different extended warranty services have different pros and cons, the answer to who has the best extended warranty is subject to debate. However, to stand the best chance at landing a great offer, be sure to keep your car in good condition always to strengthen your negotiation power. 

Well, that’s my Carchex Extended Warranty Review. Would you use the service? If not, let us know what threw you off about them in the comments section below! If you still have questions about the service, you can find answers in their FAQs page

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