Casper Mattress In A Box Review: Worthy Buy or Waste of Money?

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If you're anything like me, you probably value a good night's sleep after a hard day's work. We all know a good mattress can have the final say on this. If you're here, you probably want to know whether Casper mattresses in a box are any good, and that's why you're going through Casper Mattress Reviews to know whether you can count on them for uninterrupted sleep.

Well, if you want to know the truth about Casper mattresses, you may want to read this shocking review. So let's get into it, shall we?

What is Casper Mattress?

Mattress maker Casper Sleep found online at is a private e-commerce company that sells sleep products including mattresses, pillows, sheets and pet mattresses. According to Wikipedia, Casper Sleep was founded in 2014 by Philip Krim, Neil Parikh, T. Luke Sherwin, Jeff Chapin, and Gabe Flateman. The company is headquartered in New York City, although the mattresses are manufactured in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Casper Mattress Products and Features

Casper stocks three types of mattresses all with their own distinct features. Let’s check them out.

The Wave Mattress

The Wave is made up of five distinct layers of foam, stacking 11.5 inches high. They don’t just place the layers on top of each other and call it a day. The layers are zoned out to complement your body’s weigh distribution against the mattress.

That means the foam beneath your shoulders is softer while the hip/lumber region gets the firmer share, hence the “wave” label. They say that they place the layers that way for optimum comfort, by aligning your spine to support sleep.

The Casper Mattress

The Casper also provides zoned support, although it’s not as contoured as the Wave. But it also has a high density memory foam layer similar to the wave, but it stacks an inch lower than the Wave at 10.4 inches. They’ve not included the spinal alignment design feature though.

The Essential Mattress

The Essential basically has what the title suggests; the essentials. It features three layers of hybrid foam construction stacking 8.5” high. The layers are streamlined with no fancy design like what goes on with the Casper and the Wave.

The three have one feature in common; the Open-cell Foams Sleep Cool that basically keeps things cool when the foam starts to heat up during sleep.

How Durable is the Casper Mattress?

The company itself is only four years old at the time of this review, so we don't know their story beyond four years. But we looked at what customers and a few hotels have to say about these mattresses.

The Wave might last for 6 years give or take, while the Casper may serve you for 4 to 5 years easy. You may need to replace the Essential after 3 years for the sake of your back and hips.

But durability highly rests on how often you use the mattress doing what and for how long. So you can never really pinpoint a mattress’ durability.

Is the Casper Mattress good for back pain relief?

Apparently it is depending on which mattress you buy.  It seems the Essential may fall short. But the Wave and the Casper have the Zones Support and Transition layer features. Perhaps the better option for back pain relief would be the Wave, whose layers are contoured for better spinal alignment. But either mattress works for back pain relief.

Where can I buy Casper Mattress?

You can buy the mattress straight off their website, on Amazon, Target and West Elm. Casper also has physical stores around the country, you can find them here. With all these sources you get your mattress in a box, but the price may differ from store to store. But then again If you purchase Casper Mattresses on, you can get a great deal especially if you are a Prime member.

If you want a more affordable price on this product, you might want to try websites like, and for discount codes, rebates, and promo codes. Stacking all these deals together will save you a great deal of cash on Casper Mattresses as well as many other purchases.

Casper Mattress Cost and Warranty

On the website, the Wave starts at $1095, the Casper starts at $595 while the essential starts at $350 at the time of this review. They’re a little cheaper on, with the Wave going for a little over $900, the Essential selling at a little over $400 and the Essential selling for $300 give or take. We’re not sure how much you’ll pay at Target and West Elm, but it seems they stock them for the same price as

Casper gives a 10 year warranty, including a 100-night risk-free trial.

Casper Mattress Shipping and Return Policy

They give you the 100 nights to decide whether you like your buy or not. If not they’ll pick it up and give you a full refund. Shipping and returns is also free. Shipping takes at 1-5 business days to arrive at your door, after the 1-2 day processing time. So the earliest you’ll get your order is in 3 business days. You can read all about that here. Perhaps it’s faster and cheaper to order on, and use the FREE guaranteed 1-2 days Amazon Prime Delivery.

Casper Mattress Complaints

Well, this is the part of the review you want to read if you hate losing money. There are a few red flags about Casper we thought you might want to know about.

Poor Delivery Service

It seems the biggest problem with Casper is their delivery. Customers have said that Casper fails to notify people when they are out of stock. Others say you may have to wait for weeks before getting your order especially if you live hundreds of miles away from their nearest distribution spot. So you may have to do your homework on delivery dates before paying for anything or stick with purchasing from

They Wear Out Fast

Sounds like Casper knows the mattress will only be good for the first 100 nights trial period. Because quite a number of customers say by the time they noticed the mattress wasn't right for them, it was too late to file a refund. And that’s the case with all the three types, based on a couple of buyer reviews we came by.

Casper Mattress in a Box Alternatives

There are of course alternative mattress in a box alternatives you can buy if you don’t like what Casper has going on for themselves. If you’re hell-bent on foam mattresses, the Leesa or Tuft & Needle are giving Casper a run for its money in the foam mattress market currently. You can actually find great deals on either of these alternatives on

Should you buy Casper Mattress or not?

Casper mattresses are a worthy buy overall. If money is no object, you may want to go with their Wave Mattress. But perhaps the most popular choice would be the Casper, that’s half-cheap and half-customized for better sleep. Overall, the Casper brand of mattresses is easy on the back and hips, and the 100 nights trial is reassuring. It’s not winning any awards on pricing, but it ranks way up there in popularity, in addition to their A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

In my view, it's probably cheaper to buy this mattress on and you also get FREE guaranteed Amazon Prime Delivery. You can also join sites like and to earn coupons and gift cards doing what you already do online like watching videos and reading emails. You can then use these gift cards and coupons to get discounts on Casper mattresses on, Target and several other online stores.

Hopefully now you're in a better position to decide whether the Casper Mattresses are a good purchase for you. We would love to hear what you think also. Feel free to chime in your thoughts on the comments section below. If you still haven't had your fill about Casper mattresses, you can find  more answers on their FAQs page.

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Award winning mattress maker Casper Sleep has been the talk of the town recently. But you probably know better than to follow hype. If you want to know the real story about Casper Mattresses, then read our shocking review.

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