Champion 3100 Watt Generator Review: Worth The Hype?

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If your outdoor activities require electricity, a portable generator is simply a must. But not all generators are worth your money. You probably feel the same and that’s why you’re going through a couple of Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews to determine whether it’s any good. 

So before you blow your money on the wrong type of generator, you may want to read this shocking Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Review

About Champion 3100-Watt Inverter Generator

  • Product Name: Champion 3100-Watt Inverter Generator
  • Champion Generator Best Price: Click Here to view the lowest price on Amazon.
  • Brand: Champion 
  • Corporate Website:

Champion Power Equipment is an American manufacturer of portable generators, camping and RVing power equipment, home standby generators, inverters, log splitters, transfer pumps, winches, engines, and accessories. The company has been around since 2003 and they’re headquartered at 12039 Smith Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. 

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Features

  • Quick Touch Panel
  • Low Oil Shut-off Sensor 
  • Holds 0.6-quarts Of Oil (Recommended 10w-30)
  • 58 dB Noise Rating 
  • 3100 Starting Watts 
  • 2800 Running Watts 
  • Up To 8 Hours Run Time at 25% load
  • Rv Ready With A 120v 30a Rv, 
  • Two 120v 20a Household Outlets 
  • 12v Dc Outlet for Rvs
  • Smart Economy Mode

Champion 3100-Watt Inverter Generator Noise Level

A reasonably quiet generator’s noise level rating shouldn’t surpass the 60dB mark from 23 ft. That said, the Champion 3100-Watt Inverter features a 58dBa noise level rating at 23ft. That’s probably quiet enough for RV operation, tailgating or camping. You can even power it up at home in case of a power outage and still continue conversing as normal. 

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Fuel Type

This Champion 3100-Watt generator runs on a 1.6 gallon (6 liters) gasoline tank with a runtime of 8 hours at 25% load. So if you’re stretching its utility to the limit, you’ll need at least 19 gallons of gasoline to run the generator for 24 hours straight at full load. 

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Specifications

Generator Gasoline:

  • Starting Watts: 3100W
  • Running Watts: 2800W
  • Starting Amps at 120V: 25.8A
  • Running Amps at 120V: 23.3A

Power Output

  • Volts: 120
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Outlets120V 30A (TT-30R), GFCI 120V 20A Duplex (5-20R), 12V DC Automotive
  • GFCI Outlets: Yes
  • Covered Outlets: Yes
  • Covered Circuit Breakers: No
  • Inverter: Traditional


  • Length: 22.4 in.
  • Width:17.3 in.
  • Height: 18.3 in.
  • Weight: 84.2 lb.


  • Size: 171cc
  • Type: 4-stroke
  • Speed: Variable
  • Fuel Gauge: No
  • Gasoline Tank Material: Steel


  • Type: 10W-30
  • Capacity: 0.6 qt.
  • Oil Included: Yes


  • Parallel Capability: Yes
  • DC Operation: Yes
  • Voltmeter: No
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation: No
  • Battery: No
  • Start Type: Recoil
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Wheel Type: Solid
  • Wheel Diameter: 5.5 in.
  • PGMA G300-2018 Compliant: No
  • EPA Certified: Yes
  • CARB Compliant: No

What We Like About The Champion 3100 Watt Generator

  • Portable – The Champion 3100-Watt weighs 98.4 pounds when the gasoline tank is full. That may seem heavy but you’ll rarely find other models of similar power and capabilities at that weight. They even added two wheels at the back to make it even more portable. 
  • User Friendly – You won’t need to decipher how to operate the generator as the overall design is functional for both experienced and novice users. You have a quick touch panel so you’re able to access all your controls in one spot. Even if you don’t know squat about oil change, it will shut itself off once the oil lowers to unsafe levels.
  • Compatible with sensitive electronics – I must say generator technology has come a long way. Back then it would have been really dangerous to connect your valuable devices to those noisy generators. But with models such as this, you can safely connect almost any device with confidence as the inverter is set up so it won’t over power your devices. 

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Problems

Since it’s a machine, you know it’s bound to have hiccups. So we rounded up the most common Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator problems, so you know what you might be getting into if you decide to buy it. 

It may die – The most common problem with the generator is that it may completely shut down without so much as a goodbye. According to popular opinion from some users, some units didn’t even make it through the night. But based on further research, the manufacturer is quite efficient when it comes to repairing faulty parts. They may ask you to either ship back the unit for repair, send you an on-call repair handler or replace the unit if the warranty period has not elapsed. 

Develops rattles after extended use – Some users say their generator developed an annoying rattling after a year or so of use. While some were able to fix the problem, others were left with a generator that promised super silent operation at the beginning, but an annoying rattling sound quickly wiped off that valued feature. 

Not that fuel-efficient – If you do the math, you’ll need at least 19 gallons of gasoline to power up the generator continuously for 24 hours at full load. So if you’re deep in the woods and you’re planning on running the generator at full load 24/7 you may want to carry extra fuel. Remember the Smart Economy Mode feature only works at 25% load and below. 

Champion 3100 Watt Generator Parts

The manufacturer claims they’ll replace any defective parts for free for life unless it’s a case of wear and tear. To contact support, you can go here or call their Santa Fe, CA offices on 1-877-338-0999 or Sussex, WI offices on 262-246-0701. 

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Maintenance

How well you take care of your generator will contribute to the length of its glory days. With that in mind, here’s how you take care of your Champion 75531i 3100W

  • Change the air filter every 3 months. The same goes for the spark arrester.
  • Check the oil level daily or after 8 hours of operation. They also recommend you change the oil after the first five hours of use, then do the same after every 50 hours of use. 
  • Clean or adjust the spark plug after every 100 hours of operation. The same goes for the fuel tank and filter. 
  • Clean the combustion chamber after every 250 hours of use, and the fuel line after every 3 years. 

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Champion says you can contact an authorized home standby dealer and they’ll do the dirty work for you at no cost. So be sure to follow the warranty rules to the letter. 

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Warranty

The Champion 3100-Watt Generator support comes with a 3-year limited warranty with free lifetime technical support from authorized experts. However, we all know how stressful dealing with warranty issues can be. That’s why it’s always good to shop at trusted stores like that guarantee you reliable customer support and easy returns to assist you deal with warranty issues. 

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Manual

You can go here to view and download this model’s user manual. 

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Best Price

The Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator costs a little over $700. To get the latest price for this model, you can click here to visit where you can get the best prices and FREE 1-3 Day shippingif you’re a Prime member. 

By the way you can save even more money while shopping for generators like this one using sites like which provide you cashback and coupons. Another way to save money while shopping online is by using which offers cashback on shopping. Furthermore Swagbucks helps you earn cash and gift cards for what you already do online like reading emails, visiting websites, watching videos and more. 

Other Generator Models To Consider

If the problems or features of the Champion 3100 Watt Inverter don’t do it for you, here are other similar models you may like. 

Should You Buy The Champion 3100-Watt Inverter Generator?

The Champion 3100-Watt Inverter Generator is well worth the money if you can comfortably choose functionality, portability and ease of use over fuel efficiency. The generator is quite simple to operate with a quick touch panel and RV-compatible features besides the impressive power under the hood. 

However, it will only be fuel-efficient at 25% load. So if you’re planning on going off the grid for longer than a day, you may want to carry extra fuel. But if we’re strictly speaking home or work use this is perhaps one of the best generators you’ll find at that price. They’ll also replace any faulty part for free for life as long as you comply with their rules regarding replacements. 

And you can get it on where you’re likely to get the best price for it and can take advantage of offers like Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Delivery if you’re a Prime member. 

It’s a wrap, folks! That’s my Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator review. Would you buy this unit or do you have another one in mind? Let us know in the comments section below. If you still have questions, you can find answers on the product’s Amazon page

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