Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator Review: Worth the Money?

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A generator can offer a convenient power source to your home in case of power outages or emergencies. It’s also a great portable source of energy while out and about. But not all generators are the same. If you landed here you were probably going through Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator Reviews to determine whether you should make this powerful investment. (Pun intended)

Well in our Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator Review we’ll lay out all the good and bad things about this generator. So hold off on buying it until you read some of the shocking details.

About Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator

  • Product Name: Coleman CG1200i 1200W Inverter Generator
  • Coleman Generator Best Price: Click Here to view the lowest price on Amazon.
  • Brand: Coleman 
  • Corporate Website:

Coleman CG1200i Generator Features

  • 1200w maximum output with 1000w continuous output. 
  • Economy switch which optimizes engine speed according to power demand.
  • Built-in overload protection 
  • Low-oil indicator with automatic engine shut-off. 
  • 100/120V Rated Voltage
  • 12V 4A DC output 
  • 4.3 hours run time on 100% load 
  • 58dB noise level at 23ft

Coleman CG1200i Generator Noise Level

With a noise level rating of only 58dB (decibels) while standing 23ft away from the Coleman 1200W generator, you’ll comfortably have a conversion with the next person. A lawn mower is about twice as loud at 90dB. 

Well, of course the noise will fluctuate depending on the load you’re running, but during normal operation you don’t expect it to be a nuisance. It will hum while running a quarter load and buzz a little louder as you add more load. It’s even more quiet when switched to Economy mode as the engine speed will have adjusted to match the lesser power requirement. 

Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator Fuel Type

The Coleman CG1200I runs on a 0.95 Gallon gas tank able to power through 4.3 hours of runtime while on 100% load. During runtime the generator will pump out 1200w maximum output to the 12V, 4A DC outlet. 

The economy switch should also come in handy to avoid frequent gas refills. 

So if you’re just using the generator to light up the campsite and charge a few phones, you can expect an extended runtime beyond the 4.3 hours. But it probably won’t make it halfway through the day if you’ll need to operate the generator at full load on just one full tank of gas. 

Coleman CG1200i Inverter Specifications


  • AC Voltage: 120 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Max. Output: 3.5 kW
  • Rated Output: 3.0 kW
  • Power Factor: 1.0
  • DC Output: 12V/8.3A


  • Net Dimension: 565L x 320W x 470H
  • Overall Dimension: 595L x 355W x 510H
  • Net Weight: 29.5Kg
  • Dry Weight: 31.5 Kg


  • Model: XY157F
  • Type: Air-cooled, 3 cycle, OHC, Gasoline Engine
  • Bore X Stoke: 57.4 mm X 57.8 mm
  • Displacement: 149.5cc
  • Max. Output: 4.0KW/5500rpm
  • Fuel: regular automobile gasoline
  • Rated Continuous Operation: 3.1 hr
  • Lubricating Oil: SAE 10W30
  • Lubricating Oil Capacity: .90 liter
  • Ignition System: C.D.I.
  • Spark Plug Type: A7RTC

What We Like About Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator

  • Surprisingly Quiet – At only 58dB, the Coleman generator won’t stand in between you and smalltalk with the next guy. Given that there are generators louder than racetrack supercars, this generator’s silence may surprise you.
  • Compact yet functional – Accounting for its weight, size and overall look, the unit can perform well in almost any situation be it camping, tailgating, a quiet night in the cabin upcountry or as additional power for your RV. 

Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator Problems

Just like any other machine built by man, you’re bound to run into some problems with the Coleman 1200W Inverter Generator. So we rounded them up so you can decide for yourself whether the generator is worth your money. 

Faulty Parts – There are reports that the generator will only be good for so long. The inverter is normally the first one to go after a few weeks. You may run into overload problems if you’re always running it at full load. The overall opinion is that you shouldn’t expect the generator to make it past the first year of operation before something breaks. 

No Replacement Parts – So it’s bad enough that this model has a tendency to have faulty parts, but it's even more frustrating to learn that getting replacement parts is a challenge. Even if you check the manufacturer’s website you’ll find very little coleman CG1200I generator replacement parts. 

Small Fuel Capacity – Compared to other units of its size and price like this 1200 Watt model from Firman , you’ll need to refill this model a little more frequently. So if you’re planning on spending some extended time deep in the woods you may want to carry enough fuel.

Poor Customer Support – A good number of customers were unable to get any sort of assistance from Coleman when the unit either broke or they require some sort of assistance from the manufacturer’s customer service. That’s why it’s best to shop on who may assist you seek the help you need if something goes wrong.

Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator Parts

Unlike models like the Champion 3100W whose almost every other part can be replaced, at the time of writing there were no parts available for the Coleman CH1200i. 

Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator Maintenance

Just as you would regularly take your car to the body shop for normal maintenance, here’s how you keep the Coleman CG1200i Generator in tip-top condition according to the user manual.

  • Check the condition of the spark plug every three months or after 50 hours of operation. Adjust the gap or replace the unit if necessary. 
  • Check the oil level before every use, and refill when necessary. Clean the oil filter every 6 months or after 100 hours of operation. The same should be done for the fuel and air filter. 
  • Check the choke operation of the carburetor before and after every operation.
  • The recoil operation should work after three strokes maximum. If it won’t start at third trial check for other faulty parts.
  • With the crankcase, check breather hose for cracks or breather damage after every 12 months or 300hours of operation. Replace if necessary

Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator Warranty

Coleman says they provide a 90-day warranty for parts and labor for this unit. But I guess by now you get the sense that you’re bound to run into warranty issues with it. But shopping on guarantees you efficient customer support and easy returns as they’re known for their world class customer service. 

Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator Manual

You can go here to view and download this model’s user manual. 

Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator Best Price

The Coleman 1200W Inverter Generatorcosts anywhere between $350-$400. To get the latest price for this model, you can click here to visit where you can get the best prices and FREE 1-3 Day shipping if you’re a Prime member. 

You can even save more money while shopping for generators like this one using sites like for cashback, coupons, gift cards and lots of other offers. Another way to save money while shopping online is by using which offers cashback on shopping. But it also helps you earn cash and gift cards for what you already do online like reading emails, visiting websites, watching videos and more. 

Other Generator Models To Consider

If you don’t like the Coleman 1200W Generator based on some of the complaints or features, here are other generators you may want to consider:

Should You Buy Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator?

If you’re looking for a generator fit for the outdoors but not meant for heavy use, then the Coleman 1200W model might be an option. However, most customers appear to have run into inverter, starter and ignition problems with this model. 

Worst still, Coleman doesn’t make its replacement parts conveniently available for this model. And their customer service isn’t the most responsive. 

That said, 3 out of 5 customers were happy with their purchase. So if you can overlook these replacement parts and customer support problems, the Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator may be an option to consider.

And you can get it on where you’re likely to get the best price and can take advantage of offers like Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Delivery if you’re a Prime member. 

Well, that’s my Coleman CG1200i Inverter Generator review. Would you buy the unit? Feel free to chime in your thoughts in the comments section below. If you still have questions, you can find answers on the product’s Amazon page

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Coleman CG1200i Generator Review
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