Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert DFI2310 Review: Is it Hot Or Not?

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Who doesn't love the look, feel and smell of a fireplace? They provide a comfy or even romantic atmosphere to any room. When I think of fireplaces I can't help but associate them with the holidays. Because on christmas eve and christmas day I'm responsible for getting the fire going before we open the gifts at my house. And that's when my love for it turns into hate. Let's keep it real, shall we? The issue with having a real wood burning fireplace is that it can be messy and a pain in the but to maintain. You have to buy wood, be able to get the damn thing to light up. Furthermore you have to keep your fireplace clean or risk a fire. So when I saw some Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews, my ears perked up.

What Is The Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert?

First and foremost Dimplex is a world leader in electric fireplace according to their description in Amazon. The Dimplex DFI2310 electric fireplace insert can fit into most masonry or steel-lined fireplaces. They can even work in fake/faux fireplaces that are just there for decoration.  Furthermore you can even use them in older fireplaces that may no longer work. Either way when you use a dimplex electric fireplace insert, it allows you to have realistic fire without the hassle, danger and mess of a real fireplace.

How Does The Dimplex Electric Fireplace Inserts Work?

It's pretty simple. Unlike a real fireplace where you need to worry about proper ventilation or you'll die. With the dimplex inserts, you just slide it into your existing fireplace opening. Then plug that bad boy into a a standard 120-volt outlet. Once you do, you're ready to switch it on using the included remote control. Set it to the temperature you want. Then decide what mode you want to use.  There are basically two modes you can use. The fire mode is just that, you turn it on to get a realistic fire going. The second mode is fire and heat. In this mode you get the flames and heat which you can control with the thermostat. Just keep in mind the 1,375-watt heater warms up a room of up to 400 sq. ft. (4,574 BTUs)

How Much Does It Cost To Operate A Dimplex Insert?

The DFI2310 Electric insert model costs only 2 cents per hour if you just use the flame mode which is just used to look like a real fire but without the heat. It costs about 8 cents an hour if you switch to the flame and heater mode, which provides you the look of real flames burning and the cozy heat of a traditional fireplace. So it will all depend on how you use it. Either way it's pretty cost effective and not as messy as wood or gas operated fireplaces.

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Features

Environmentally Friendly & Safe

  • The inserts are 100% efficient and release no carbon monoxide or other emissions which most of us know is horrible for the environment. I know some of you are in denial about this. So you can ignore this feature. lol

Knowledgeable Customer Support

  • The Dimplex support team have been properly trained to diagnose and help you in the rare chance you need assistance.

Realistic Looking Flames

All Year Round Usage

  • Unlike a real fireplace where you probably only use it during the cold months, with the dimplex insert you can just turn it to the flame only mode. This means you can use it in the spring and summer time too to get that fireplace ambiance any time of the year.


  • Since it only costs 2 cents per hour using the flame mode and 8 cents per hour with both flame and heat, you're probably saving yourself a lot of money vs using a gas or wood burning fireplace.

Dummy Proof Setup

  • Whereas with a real fireplace you need to set up proper venting and have other messy installation done, with this electric insert it's  just a matter of plugging it into any 120-volt outlet. Can you manage that?


  • The Dimplex company provides a 1 year warranty on parts. So you're not ass out if something goes wrong. But judging by all the positive reviews online, that seems to be a rarity.

Will The Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Fit?

Damned if I know. But I can provide you with the dimensions and weight so you can determine that for yourself. According to their amazon listing, it weighs about 33.1 pounds. The product dimensions are as follows 23 3/16 inches wide x 19 5/8 inches high x 10 13/16 inches deep . Don't quote me on the exact order. Math isn't my strong suit. And finally it's made of all metal.

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews Complaints

So this all sounds good in theory, but is it all good? Well I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't keep it real. We scoured the web and read a number of Dimplex Electric Fireplace Reviews online. Here's are the common issues we discovered that you should consider.

What's the heck is that sound?

There were some minor complaints online where some customers heard a low buzzing sound. But it was something consistently noted by other people that purchased this. So it may be isolated to some units. If so the manufacturer offered to send replacement parts or amazon will provide you another unit.

Does Not Heat Large Rooms!

Some customers have noted that this insert works better to heat smaller rooms. This makes sense since the company states this is ideal for a room that is 400 square feet.  But if you have a large room apparently the blower doesn't provide enough hot air to warm a larger sized room. But the realistic flames still provides the ambiance you expect of a fireplace in any size room.

Simple Simon Remote

You would think because this insert has the ability to work as a heater the remote would be able to control the temperature. Unfortunately it doesn't. All the remote is able to do is to turn the electric insert on or off. You still need to get up and adjust the temperature using the thermostat on the heater.

Dimplex Troubleshooting & Limited Warranty

The rare times the unit would malfunction, Dimplex would conduct troubleshooting. If they determined there was an issue, they readily honor their warranty and send replacement parts. The problem is that you have to make the repairs yourself. Boooooo! Fortunately some people merely just contacted Amazon and they would replace the unit and that worked fine.

So Should You Buy The Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace Insert?

If you tired of chopping wood, struggling to get a fire going, or dealing with the mess and danger of a real fireplace, The Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert is a great option to purchase. Despite the few complaints lodged by a small number of customers, the dimplex electric fireplace is rated highly online.

Their customer service seems to be very responsive and genuinely tries to troubleshoot if there are any issues. The limited one year warranty could be improved but if you purchase this product from Amazon they seem more than willing to replace the insert in the rare occasion something goes wrong. I stress issues are rare based on the hundreds of reviews found online.

So I would feel comfortable recommending this electric fireplace insert if you have a small room that could use some ambiance and heat. But if you have a larger room just consider this product for ambiance only. Well I've yapped enough. Now I'd like to hear your thoughts about the Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert. So leave your comments down below. Thanks for reading.

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Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Review
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Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert is great way to avoid the messes and dangers of a real fireplace. It's ideal for small rooms for heat and ambiance. But if you have a bigger room the heater isn't strong enough.

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