EasyDrugCard Review: Best Discount Prescription Program or Scam?

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Who doesn’t like saving money? And considering how expensive prescription drugs are, saving money on your health is even more important. So companies like EasyDrugCard claim they can help you save money buying meds by offering you a discount. However you’re probably reading several EasyDrugCard reviews to determine whether that’s actually true. 

Well, we scoured the web to find out the truth. There are some shocking facts about the service and we have them all in this EasyDrugCard review. So be sure to read along carefully. 

What is EasyDrugCard?

EasyDrugCard is a company that helps you save money while buying prescription medicine by offering discounts at checkout. The company is also known as Klix, LLC – an online pharmacy founded in 2005. Easy Drug Card is currently managed by CEO Marianne G. Morgan.

How Does EasyDrugCard Work?

EasyDrugCard basically partners with drug manufacturers to sell prescription drugs at a discount. To use the service, all you have to do is use their price checker tool to look up drug prices in your area, compare prices and print your card once you find your discount. 

You can print a card directly to a printer or download it to your mobile device. They can also text it to your phone or email it to you. You’ll then need to present the card at the pharmacy to get the discount. 

EasyDrugCard Features

So here are a couple of EasyDrugCard features you might find useful:

Pill Identifier – This search tool enables you to find discounts at pharmacies near you. You can search by drug name, quantity, zip code and distance. 

Mobile App – You can download their free app, which works the same as the website. It’s available on both Android and iOS. 

Pets are covered – Some similar services won’t offer you discount for your pets’ medicine. So it’s great that they offer discounts on pet meds. NationalDrugCard is another great prescription drugs discount program that may have the same or more features as well. 

How Much Does EasyDrugCard Cost?

Using EasyDrugCard and all its features including the app is free. You also don’t need to sign up for an account to use the service. 

EasyDrugCard Pros

Positive BBB Rating – EasyDrugCard’s parent company scores an A+ rating. 

Free to use – It’s a great service offered at no cost to you. This is great especially if you don’t have insurance.

EasyDrugCard Complaints

All companies have their good and bad sides. So read the complaints against Easy Drug Card and determine for yourself whether it’s worthwhile or not. 

Did I Just Pay More? – Apparently sometimes what Easy Drug Card offers you as a discount may actually be a premium. Some users say they realized later on that they paid more than what the drug normally retails for. So it’s always a good idea to compare prices with other reliable discount prescription drugs companies like National Drug Card just to be sure you’re getting the best price. 

You can’t combine the service with your insurance – If you decide to buy using Easy Drug Card, you cannot use your insurance to pay for the medicine. But this is just a general policy of all these saving cards. 

You can get turned down at the pharmacy – Some users say the pharmacy turned down their card for some reason. It can be a real bummer especially if you had to travel some distance to the pharmacy. Again, Easy Drug Card doesn’t have specific reasons why they would turn down a discount request. But you can read their Terms page here

Is EasyDrugCard Legit or A Scam?

EasyDrugCard is definitely worth a shot if you hate having to pay full price when buying out-of-pocket medicine. It’s free to use and they cover pet medicine as well. There’s no clear red flag that it could be a scam. However, always be sure to compare prices with companies such as NationalDrugCard.com just to make sure you’re getting the best deal around. 

Well, that’s my EasyDrugCard review. Which discount prescription drugs card do you use, and what’s your experience with it so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below! If you have further questions about EasyDrugCard, you can visit their FAQs page here.

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EasyDrugCard claims you don't have to pay full price for prescription drugs by providing discounts at qualifying pharmacies near you. To find out whether that's actually true, read this review first!

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