Giveaway Service Review: Get Free Stuff Online or Scam?

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I do a bit of shopping online so I jump at any chance of getting some of the stuff I like for free. Giveaway Service is a site that claims to help people like you and I get free or heavily discounted items for our feedback. But with all the scams and fluff running around, I bet you wouldn’t take their word for it before reading several Giveaway Service reviews

Well, if you want the truth, be glad you’re here. We did the digging to find all the good, the bad and ugly about the service. To avoid wasting time, you may want to read this Giveaway Service review carefully. Forewarned is forearmed!

About Giveaway Service is a platform that connects brands that are seeking to promote their products, with influencers (called authors) who test, review and blog about products on their various social platforms. Unfortunately we have no idea who owns this place or where they’re located. They seem to be elusive about this for whatever reason. 

How Does Giveaway Service Work?

So basically brands want to improve visibility to move products off the shelves at their preferred points of sale. One way to do this is by getting positive reviews from established influencers and bloggers who have an audience that can boost sales based on the influencers’ word. So Giveaway Service facilitates this exchange between brands and authors in a mutually beneficial relationship. 

These brands give out free samples to authors through Giveaway Service and in return get testimonials, reviews and comments about the freebies posted to social and web platforms by authors. At the time of writing, the brands seem to be small businesses that would otherwise need relevant eyeballs to promote sales.

For Brands & Merchants

If you’re a brand or business owner and want to get the word out about your products, all you have to do is subscribe to a plan on Giveaway Service. They have two plans; a Silver plan and a Gold Plan. The Silver Plan costs $50 a month while the Gold option costs $100. You can check out details about these subscription plans here.

Regardless of the plan you select, Giveaway Service will put you in contact with the appropriate authors to promote your products. Authors will get the products either at a discount or for free. In return they share their experience about your product or brand on the social and web platforms they own. You can then follow up and track the performance of your campaigns through Giveaway Service. 

For Authors

If you’re an influencer, a blogger or have an audience, you can apply to become a Giveaway Service author. Once you’re in, you can browse through products you may be interested in and and seek approval from the seller. If the seller deems you fit as an influencer or promoter, they’ll ship the item to you and expect feedback about it in the form of a review posted to your publishing platform. To get started you must: 

  • 1st Step: Check out and follow the Terms of Use of Giveaway Service in relation to the brand you want to promote.
  • 2nd Step: Follow the guidelines under each product application. 
  • 3rd Step: Post a unique, well crafted feedback about the product to your social media page or blog. 
  • 4th Step: Post the link to the product review to Giveaway Service to complete the cycle. 

But to do all that you’ll also need to convince these brands that you’re worth the free products. So sprucing up your profile, completing tasks on time and posting a detailed feedback will determine how attractive you’ll be to potential brands. At the time of writing, items you can promote include:

  • Fashion apparel
  • Dog beds
  • Kitchenware
  • Electronic accessories and gadgets
  • Health and wellness supplements 

You can view all promotions here

How Does Giveaway Service Pay Authors?

There’s no monetary compensation of any sort at the time of writing this review. All you get is either a heavily discounted item or a freebie. 

Did you know you can also get stuff for free without having to share feedback with a brand or sharing your experience on social media? helps you earn cashback, gift cards, real cash and more just by doing what you already do online. You can then use the rewards to shop anywhere you want. Again, if you’re all about deals, coupons and discounts, check out and

How Do I Join Giveaway Service?

To become a Giveaway Service author, you can go here and get started. They’ll ask for details about your publishing platform right after you detail your personal and location information. They encourage you to be as detailed as possible to lure in potential brands. Once you’re all set up you can start applying for offers to promote. If a brand approves your application they’ll ship the item to your doorstep. You’ll then have around 30 days to hold your end of the deal. 

If you get rejected, did you know you can still get free stuff? Sites like will help you earn free gift cards and money for doing things like watching videos, reading emails, visiting websites and more.

Giveaway Service Complaints

So right about now it all sounds easy; apply get free products and write a testimonial about them, right? Wrong! We found a couple of complaints we thought may help you decide whether Giveaway Service is legit or a waste of time. 

Shipping Problems

Some authors say they experienced shipping delays and couldn’t get the item they applied for in time. Others say they never got the product at all. Obviously there may be two sides to that story, but chances are you may not conveniently complete your task as scheduled. 

You need a publishing platform to benefit

If you’re a small fish on social, or your blog is not that established, you may find it hard getting approved by brands. Fortunately sites like Rebatest don’t require a social media following to get free stuff.  SwagBucks is another great site where you don’t need an audience to get FREE cash or stuff. 

No BBB Profile

If you rely on the Better Business Bureau to determine legitimacy, then you may not like the fact that Giveaway Service is not listed on the BBB at the time of this review. This may be a deal breaker or not for you. 

Who Owns This Thing Anyway?

We couldn’t find ownership or location information about Giveaway Service at the time of writing. Why are they hiding?

Giveaway Service Alternatives

A great alternative to Giveaway Service would be Rebatest. The only difference between the two is that you’ll need to have a social media following to post to with Giveaway Service. Whereas Rebatest focuses on helping Amazon sellers and gives you free products just to share your experience on amazon as a review. They could care less what social platform you have or the following. 

Another alternative to consider is You can earn FREE gift cards or cash for the things you already do online such as watching videos, visiting websites and more at

Is Giveaway Service Legit or A Scam?

Giveaway Service is not a scam. From what we gathered, it’s a popular way to get free and heavily discounted stuff. And for businesses it can help improve brand visibility. So it’s a win-win but only if you have the audience and can craft well thought-through reviews about a given product. 

But you may want to follow up closely whenever you engage a brand. Sometimes items either get lost in the mail or don’t arrive in time to post feedback. The best way around that is to be proactive with communication and let them know whenever there are potential delays. 

That said, there are other ways to get free stuff online. You can earn FREE gift cards or even real cash doing what you already do online like visiting websites, watching videos, reading emails and more at You can also score great deals when you shop on sites like and With such options you never have to pay full price when you shop online. 

Well, that’s my Giveaway Service review. Do you have an experience with this or a similar platform? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below. If you still have questions about the service, you can read their Brand FAQs page here and Author FAQs page here. 

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

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Giveaway Service helps you get free stuff in turn for your feedback and promotion. But how legit is the company? Read our Giveaway Service Review and find out!

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