Identity Guard Review: Does It Really Work?

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Back in the day having your identity stolen was rare. However, it seems we are getting more vulnerable to identity theft. As much as we do our part to avoid falling victims to fraud, we want to make sure we stand the best chance at safeguarding our personal information. Apparently companies like Identity Guard can help us do so. We want to believe them, but then again this is the internet and not everything is what it may seem. That’s probably why you’re reading Identity Guard Reviews

Well, this Identity Guard Review will take you closer to the truth, and some of it may shock you. So I would stick around to the end if i were you!

What Is Identity Guard?

Identity Guard can be found online at It is an identity theft detection and privacy protection service based in Herndon, Virginia, United States. The service was created by Intersections, Inc; an identity risk management company founded in 1996. Identity Guard was founded in 2001 and is currently headed by CEO Hari Ravichandran. 

How Does Identity Guard Work?

Identity Guard basically offers you a variety of identity theft protection products that assist you protect yourself from identity misuse and fraud. They have different service levels that feature scalable services which monitor various data points helping detect suspicious activity involving your personal identity information. 

The company does such things as credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, real time alerts and risk assessment. They also monitor online activity involving your information. If they find certain activity that may amount to fraud, they’ll alert you via an app notification and email. You can then take necessary steps to prevent anything bad from happening. 

Identity Guard Features

There are a couple of features that help run Identity Guard including:

Activity Alert – You’ll get alerts whenever there are changes to your personal information related to your identity. They’ll then ask you whether you recognize the activity. If you do you can simply ignore the alert. If you don’t they’ll guide you on how to protect yourself.

Dark Web Protection– If they find your credit card information on the dark web, they’ll tell you what’s out there and what’s exposed. They’ll then recommend necessary steps you can take. 

Threat Alert – If there’s a potential threat that may affect you, like potential data breach, or new risk factors they may discover, you’ll get a notification for that as well. 

Easy Recovery – If they detect a threat, they’ll assign you a personal case manager to help you resolve it. They also claim you’ll be covered by their $1 million insurance policy with stolen fund reimbursement. 

Mobile App – Their mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. You’ll also need it to get real time alerts and notifications.

How Much Does Identity Guard Cost?

At the time of this review, Identity Guard has three plans: 

  • Value – $7.50 per month
  • Total – $16.67 per month
  • Premier – $20.83 per month

You’ll scale up as you pay more, and the complete package (Premier) has the following features. 

  • Risk Manager
  • Safe Browser 
  • Anti-phishing App
  • Monthly Credit Score
  • Dark Web Monitor
  • Address Monitor
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Tax Refund Alters
  • Social Insights And Reports

They also say you can cancel at any time by contacting customer service. But you won’t receive a refund for monthly subscriptions if you cancel. However their annual membership plans are subject to a refund according to their refund policy.

How Do I Get Started with Identity Guard?

To become a member of Identity Guard, you can go here to sign up. You’ll then need to provide your personal information such as your full name, email, physical address, phone number, date of birth, SSN and then proceed to pay for your membership. You can also do the same on the app. 

Identity Guard Complaints

Identity Guard is obviously packed with perks you can use to protect your identity. I wish we could call it a day here with the review, but I bet you want to know where the company falls short. 

It’s way too expensive

Some customers say Identity Guard’s rates are way too expensive for the services included. Given that there are similar services that offer similar services for free, and in some cases perform these services on your own. 

Does not include some vital protection features

Compared to their competition, Identity Guard doesn’t offer complete identity protection covering such things as driver's licenses, identity recovery tools for tax fraud or medical fraud or even multiple email accounts monitoring. Some users say they felt they were largely paying for alerts, not actual protection based on the services offered.

Limited customer service hours

Identity Guard’s customer service is available 8am to 11pm ET on weekdays and 9am to 6pm ET on Saturdays. They remain closed on Sundays. Users feel they would be more confident with the service if customer service had their back round the clock, especially if they are to pay for the services. 

Is Identity Guard Worth It?

On the positive end, Identity Guard is a legit company, so you’ll get what you pay for. However some feel that the company falls short and that they offer a fraction of their competition’s services at a higher price.

Well, that’s my Identity Guard review. Do you think their services are worth the money? Feel free to chime in your thoughts in the comments section below. If you still need more questions answered, you can visit their FAQs section here

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If you're planning on taking a further step to safeguard your identity using Identity Guard, there are a couple of facts about the company that may shock you. So you may want to read this review before spending money!

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