IDNotify Review: Does It Work or A Waste of Money?

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Back in the day it was really tough to fall prey to identity thieves since everything was done manually. As much as we love the good old days, the internet has made things so much easier and more convenient. However, those same conveniences make it easy for scammers to take advantage and steal things like your identity. But all hope is not lost because companies like IDNotify claim they can help protect your personal information. Perhaps you are curious enough to go through IDNotify reviews to determine whether the company is legit, and that’s why you’re here. 

Well, be glad you’re here as we now have all the facts. After reading this IDNotify review it will be up to you to determine whether the service is worthwhile or a waste of time and money. So let’s get to it, shall we?

What Is IDNotify? is an identity protection and fraud prevention firm owned by consumer credit reporting company Experian based in Dublin, Ireland. IDNotify was founded by Jim Chilton in Dallas TX, USA and has been around since 1987. They’re now headquartered at 1501 S. Mopac Expressway, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78746.

How Does IDNotify Work?

IDNotify will basically tell you when your personal identity or private information is at the risk of being misused or has landed in the wrong hands. They do so by monitoring activity regarding the information, notifying you whenever there’s suspicious activity and helping you resolve cases in case they come up. 

IDNotify Features

There are a couple of features that IDNotify uses to prevent identity theft including:

Internet Surveillance – This feature allows them to monitor activity on the internet and notify you whenever there’s suspicious activity involving your identity. 

Social Network Monitoring – They monitor your activity on all the social sites you’ve joined to help you identify and avoid privacy and reputation risks.

Lost Wallet Services – Their specialists work on your behalf to cancel and reissue the contents in your wallet to minimize your risk of identity theft. 

Insurance and Support Staff – Their staff help resolve identity vulnerability and theft issues immediately they arise. Some of their plans also come with a $1 million insurance cover in case there’s a financial implication involving your information. 

Mobile App – Their app is available for both Android and iOS devices. They say it’s the easiest way to access all of IDNotify’s functions. 

How Much Does IDNotify Cost?

At the time of this review, IDNotify has three cost plans

  • Essential – $9.99 per month – This plan gets you social network monitoring, internet surveillance, identity restoration and lost wallet services. 
  • Select – $17.99 per month – In addition to the features under the Essential plan, you’ll also get a one-bureau credit report annually through Experian. The plan als monitors address changes, in-court activity and social security monitoring. 
  • Premier – $25.99 – This plan includes all the functions under the Select plan, and adds three-bureau credit monitoring, a monthly VantageScore report and also monitors your non-credit loans. The plan also comes with sex offender registries and financial account takeovers.

The Select and Premier plans also come with a $1 million insurance cover. You can add a child to any cover for an additional monthly fee of $5.99. You can view a detailed comparison of these plans here

How Do I Get Started with IDNotify?

IDNotify provides a 30-day trial. You can go here to get started. They’ll ask you various questions and request personal information including your current address, your Social Security Number and date of birth. 

Once you pick a plan and pay for it, you can customize your profile and add your credit card and bank account information.

IDNotify Complaints

So far this all sounds like your typical identify theft company. But every company has their bad points including IDNotify. According to our research here are some of the complaints against IDNotify at the time of this review.

Unreliable Customer Service – The majority of the complaints against IDNotify imply that the customer service fail to follow through with requests for information at times. Some members say IDNotify’s support is not proactive. They had to reach out many times before getting a permanent solution. 

Shop Around First – Most identity theft protection services will include child protection at no extra cost. But you’ll have to pay an extra $6 with IDNotify. Their Essential plan doesn't include the $1 million insurance cover. This not always the case with most of its competitors. 

No Refunds, Please! – If you cancel in the middle of your monthly subscription, you won't get a refund for the remaining portion of the paid monthly fee. 

Is IDNotify Worth It?

The good news is that IDNotify is a legit company and will help protect your identity. They also provide most of the essential identity theft services you would come to expect. In addition, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau which is reassuring, However, you may have issues with their customer support. Furthermore you’ll probably want to shop around to ensure you’re not being nickle and dime for services that are often included with comparable companies.

Well, that’s my IDNotify review. Would you trust the service against identity theft? Feel free to chime in your thoughts in the comments section below. If you still need more questions answered, you can visit their FAQs section here

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IDNotify claims to be your last line of defense against identity thieves. But does it really work? Read our review and find out!

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