MaxBounty Review: Is It A Legit Affiliate Network That Pays or A Scam?

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Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn extra passive income from home. You work with well known brand name companies such as Google, Amazon, Ebay, etc. From the business standpoint affiliate marketing is very low risk form of advertising. Because you only pay for performance achieved by affiliates. Whether you're looking to promote your business or make money promoting other businesses there are many affiliate networks out there. MaxBounty is one of them. But are they actually legitimate? Let's find out in my MaxBounty Review.

What is MaxBounty? is a Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate network that matches advertisers and affiliates to promote a wide range of products and services. Affiliate marketers JP Suave and Steven Suave founded Maxbounty in 2004. Its corporate headquarters are in Ottawa, Canada. At the time of this review, the network platform has over 18,000 affiliates.

How Does MaxBounty Work?

Maxbounty helps advertisers with their marketing needs by matching them up with a network of affiliates to help them sell their products and services online. Affiliates earn a commission by promoting these products on their websites or social media platforms. Commissions are earned from this performance marketing when visitors to their website click on the advertisement, fill out a form, or make a purchase.

Commission payouts are made on a net 15 basis. This means that if an affiliate makes any sales during a particular month, then the payout is given on the 15th of the following month. Payment is through direct deposit, check, PayPal and various other gateway options. There is no cost to sign up as an affiliate.

MaxBounty Features

$1000 Performance Bonus: Affiliates who generate over $1,000 in any campaign within the first 3 months of joining or eligible to receive a $1,000 Performance Bonus.

Numerous Campaign Opportunities: Affiliates can choose from a diverse selection of campaigns from all types of industries. Each one features a different payout so you can select the ones you like best.

Affiliate Rewards Program: Top earners are rewarded with an all-expenses paid retreat to a location of the company's choosing each year. These affiliates will be able to have fun and share conversion strategies and traffic ideas with other successful affiliates.

What We Like About MaxBounty

Excellent BBB Rating: At the time of this review, MaxBounty has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and no accreditation. No customer has lodged a complaint with the company for the past three years.

Super Supportive: Many online reviews boast of the company's support system from its customer service representatives. Whether it's a tech issue with the platform or a billing complaint, the company is quick to respond and handle every situation that arises to make the affiliate happy.

Performance Marketing Training: The company offers an online course on how to affiliate market products and services appropriately online. The MaxBounty University program features video-based training on strategies and tips regarding affiliate marketing. The program is free for MaxBounty affiliates.

Different types of affiliate offers: One of the things I've always loved about Maxbounty is that you can make money promoting lead based offers. Lead based offers tend to be easier to convert than sales based offers. But maxbounty gives you the option of choosing either types.

MaxBounty Complaints

Intensive Signup Process: The whole process for acceptance as an affiliate is much more restrictive in comparison to other affiliate networks. To join, you need to submit a detailed online application that asks for your basic contact information and experience with affiliate marketing. An affiliate manager then reviews this information to see if you qualify with some experience. You then have to speak with the manager by phone. The manager will ask you to prove how you intend to promote the available product campaigns. If you don't have some experience and a website, your application most likely will not meet approval.

Minimum $100 Payout Requirement: Before you can cash out any earnings you have made, you must make at least $100 in campaign earnings. Depending on how good you are at promoting, it can be a while before you can access any actual money.

Make Sure You Follow Their Campaign Rules: The company has strict rules on how to promote an affiliate company. You need to make sure you follow everything exactly. If you don't, the company will close down your account. This will cause you to lose all earnings you have made up to that point.

So Does MaxBounty Actually Work?

MaxBounty is a legitimate affiliate marketing network. I have been an affiliate with them for many years. You can definitely earn money as an affiliate with this company. The company does offer some limited free affiliate marketing training and rewards its top earners with an all-expense paid trip and performance bonuses. The company's customer service is extremely supportive.

As long as you follow the rules and speak to your affiliate manager before engaging in any promotions, you'll be fine. If you own a website and you'd like to make some passive income, it's definitely worth giving Maxbounty a shot. If you have any thoughts or experiences with MaxBounty, I want to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.
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Maxbounty Review
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Maxbounty is a legitimate affiliate network than has been around since 2004. That said it's not perfect. If you're not careful in following their rules your account can be shut down with little warning.

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