National Drug Card Review: Real Prescription Drug Discount Program or Scam?

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With the ever-rising cost of prescription drugs, it only makes sense to try to save money anyway you can. While some companies promise to offer you discounts on prescription drugs, others turn out to be outright scams. You’re probably as cautious as me and that’s why you’re going through several National Drug Card Reviews to determine whether it’s a legit company or a scam. 

Well, we scoured the web to find the truth about the company and we have it all in this National Drug Card Review. You may not like everything you read, but feel free to thank me later!

What Is National Drug Card ?

National Drug Card (NDC) is a program that helps people with little to no form of insurance save money on their prescription medicine. The program also covers select pet and livestock prescription drugs. The company was founded in 2005 by Alexander Acuna and they’re currently headquartered at 2020 Pennsylvania Ave Dept 601 Washington DC 20006.

How Does National Drug Card Work? 

As a member of National Drug Card, you can use your discount card to save hundreds on generic and brand-name prescription drugs at over 73,000 partner pharmacies around the country. You just need to sign up for the card which is free. Then you’ll be given a free, pre-registered discount membership card. So all you have to do is present the card to your pharmacist when paying for a prescription drug and it should give you a huge discount. 

The card covers your entire household and there are no deductibles or forms to complete while using the card. Persons who qualify for membership include, but not limited to

  • Senior citizens on medicare part D
  • Fixed income earners and medicare
  • Self-employed business-people who have to pay their own medical costs
  • Families
  • College students
  • Any person struggling financially and would want to reduce their healthcare costs

National Drug Card Features

Mobile App – You can use the NDC app (digital discount drug card) at your local pharmacy when paying to get a discount of up to 85%. The app is available on both Android and iOS

Check prices online – You can search for a drug on their website and get all the information you need before going to the pharmacy. They provide pricing and the participating pharmacies near you. That way you’ll know exactly how much you’re saving and the pharmacies that will accept your card. 

NDC Savings Club – The National Drug Card Savings Club features over 75 additional benefits including cash back, coupons and deals, online consultations, Lasik and more. 

How Much Does National Drug Card Cost ?

All services provided by the NDC are FREE of charge, including downloading and using the app. 

How Do I Get Started With National Drug Card?

National Drug Card is free for everyone and you can go here to get started

What We Like About National Drug Card

There is a lot to like about saving money with this card. But here are some other things we like.

Save on pet and livestock medication – Besides saving on human prescription drugs you can also use your NDC to save on your pets’ subscription medicine. 

A great way to give back – NDC also helps organizations make money for their charities of choice by giving out cards as a way of giving back. So you can raise money for charities as well as saving money on prescription drugs.

National Drug Card Complaints

As great as saving money with National Drug Card is, it’s not perfect. So read the complaints about the company and decide for yourself whether it’s worthwhile or not. 

Not listed with the BBB – NDC is not listed at the time of writing this review. This may be a deal breaker or not for some of you. 

You can’t use the card with existing health insurance – If the drug you’re looking to buy is covered under your insurance plan you can’t use discount cards. This is not isolated to NDC. It’s just a general policy. You have to use one or the other. So it’s a good idea to check if a drug is cheaper with or without the discount card.

Lowest price NOT guaranteed! – Sometimes the prices at checkout may not exactly be the lowest in the market and you may discover this when it’s too late.

Not Welcome – At times a pharmacy may not accept your card. So it’s a good idea to use the app or website to determine if they do. 

The pharmacy may be too far – In some areas, a participating pharmacy may be too far and making the distance may not make sense as you’ll have to account for time and fuel. 

Is National Drug Card Really Worth It ?

Overall National Drug Card is a legit way to save money on your prescription drugs. It’s Free to join and they’re spread all across the country. The app is also a convenient addition for members. However, you may not always get the lowest price and the participating pharmacy may be too far. Another downside is you can’t use the card with existing health insurance which can be a bummer to some. Either way it’s a legit way to get discounts on prescription medicine and worth a shot. 

I hope you found this review helpful. If you need more information about the company, you can check out their FAQs page. Lastly, we always love to hear what you think about this or any similar company. So feel free to chime in your thoughts in the comments section below.

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National Drug Card Review
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Perhaps you're thinking joining National Drug Card will help you get discounts on prescription drugs? Don't be too sure. Read this comprehensive National Drug Card review to find out the truth!

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