Niagen Review: Is It A Scam or Does It Really Work?

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What is Niagen?

Niagen is the commercially patented form of Nicotinamide Riboside (NR). Niagen is manufactured by its parent company ChromaDex, ( ChromaDex licenses their product to third-party companies as a natural supplement. ChromaDex is based in Irvin, California. Scientifically, Nicotinamide Riboside claims to support anti-aging, enhance cardiovascular health and cognitive functions.

How Does Niagen Work?

It allegedly works by improving cellular communication and mitochondrial functioning. As a result, a user will experience an enhanced cardiovascular function, anti-aging support and improved cognitive performance including reasoning, memory, language and concentration. NR, being a member of the Vitamin B3 family is converted to Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) by the body. NAD+ claims to improve conversion of food into energy, and improve communication between the nucleus and mitochondria, the body’s energy workshop. This will in turn lead to better cellular functioning, leading to the benefits mentioned earlier.

Niagen Features

Upon ingestion, Niagen (or NR) converts to NAD+, known to boost metabolism and support cognitive functions by improving cellular communication between the nucleus and mitochondria.

Mitochondrial Health
Science has it that if the mitochondrial health is improved, the cellular aging process will reduce. Niagen claims to support anti-aging by improving the body’s mitochondrial health.

Muscular Endurance
NAD+ improves thermogenesis and mitochondria-nucleus function; the body’s energy workshop. This might in turn improve the body’s muscular power and thus support athleticism and muscular endurance.


It's actually a real company.
ChromaDex is actually a publicly traded company. Most pill pushing companies you find online aren't. They tend to be unknown companies peddling pills.

Positive reviews
There seems to be a lot of positive reviews from verified buyers of Niagen. Many of them are claiming they experienced better memory, improved performance and optimism in regards to the anti-aging effects.

When the nerds at Cornell University finally closed the curtains on a successful production of NR, they gave the ‘’secret formula’’ and manufacturing rights exclusively to ChromaDex. So, if you are in the market to buy a supplement that promises to make you look 21 again, make sure the label reads Niagen, or Nicotinamide Riboside.

Consumer Support
The folks at ChromaDex make it very easy to contact them via telephone, email, fax or you can visit their location. How many companies even do that any more?

Niagen Complaints

Any time you're dealing with pills there are always going to be people that are going to either love them or complain that they won't work. So we've rounded up the common complaints against Niagen below.

No BBB Rating
At the time of this review there was no BBB rating linked to the product or parent company ChromaDex. For some people that live and die by the BBB rating this may pose an issue.

Your Results May Vary
Some people have claimed the product does not work… for them. Unfortunately that is something you see with any product.

Niagen Side Effects
Some consumers complained of dizziness, fatigue, sedation, allergic reactions and skin irritation.

Where's the rest of my stuff?
Apparently some folks have complained of receiving fewer pills than what they paid for.

Where Can You Buy Niagen?

You don't have to go far to find Niagen because sells it at a reasonable price. You can also read a lot of the reviews and others experience there as well.

So Is Niagen Legit or Not?

ChromaTex manufactures NR and distributes to third party supplement manufacturers. ChromaTex is a legit publicly traded company. But there is no guarantee that other manufacturers selling it have the same credibility.

But given the positive responses we've seen online, there is a good chance you may experience positive results. However there are some of you that may experience the side effects we mentioned above. So like any pill you take there is that risk. At the end of the day the results are not guaranteed either way.

Niagen Review
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Most people using Niagen seem to be happy with the results. The fact this product was created by a publicly traded company is also reassuring. But there have been complaints of side effects.

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