OneRx Review: Prescription Money Saver or Scam?

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With the cost of prescription drugs being on a record high at the moment, even the slightest of savings can make a huge difference. Companies like OneRx claim to help you save money on your prescriptions. But as you know everything you hear isn’t always the truth. That’s probably why you’re going through several OneRx reviews.

Well at the end of this OneRx review, you’ll be in a better position to determine whether the program is worth your time or not. So stick around, as what you may read may save you time and money!

What Is OneRx? is a prescription drugs discount program that helps reduce the price of prescribed medicine by offering information on drug-specific co-pays while comparing costs and available money-saving options. Their parent company, Truveris, Inc. was founded in 2008 by AJ Loiacono, Justin Greene and Leon Greene. They’re currently headquartered at 2 Park Avenue, Suite 1500 New York, NY 10016. 

How Does OneRx Work?

So basically OneRx helps you know whether there are coupons or discounts available for your prescription. In addition, if you’re insured, OneRx enables you to view your co-pay and identify restrictions before you buy the drug. 

If a discount or coupon is available for your drug, they’ll tell you where to find the drug, how much it costs and additional information about the drug. You can then print the card or coupon sent to your mail and present it to the pharmacist to get your discount. 

OneRx Features

Pill Identifier – The interactive tool helps you pinpoint discount offers near you. You can search either your condition or specific pill you want, form, quantity, dosage and type. The results reveal pharmacies near you, price and distance. 

Mobile App – You can use the app to find discounts as well and works very much like the website. It’s free to use and available on both iOS and Android.

Coupon finder – If you’re a coupon junkie, you can use this tool to look up available coupons manufacturers may be offering. 

How Much Does OneRx Cost?

Both the desktop and mobile versions of OneRx are free to use. You can register for a free account here

OneRx Pros

Great customer support – Customers love how efficient OneRx’s customer service is. Even if you can’t find an offer for your drug, they’ll recommend other ways of getting one within their network. They’re always online and quick to respond. 

OneRx Complaints

Like any company OneRx has its own complaints. So we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the following complaints are deal breakers or not. 

Always compare prices before buying – Some customers claim they would have paid way less if they had dug a little deeper for better deals. Remember, what one discount program offers may not necessarily be the cheapest price for the drug. So it’s always good practice to check out offers from other services such as National Drug Card or GoodRx

Unstable app and website – Users say the app keeps crashing during sign up, while searching for a drug or when taking a photo of your insurance card. At times it may fail to function requiring you to reinstall it or do away with it altogether. 

Some pharmacies may decline your card – A large number of customers say they made the trip to the pharmacy only to be turned down at the counter. OneRx says you should always report such cases. But it can be really frustrating to go through the process in vain. 

Sudden price changes – It seems what the pill identifier reveals as the price may not necessarily be the real price at the pharmacy. Some customers have reported experiencing a sudden hike in the price once it got to paying for the drug. 

No BBB Listing– If you depend on the Better Business Bureau listing as a stamp of legitimacy, then the fact that OneRx is not listed by them may be a turn off. 

So Is OneRx A Real Company or Scam?

OneRx is legit. The bottom line is customers do save money while using the service. However, the app is very unstable, and the desktop version is no better. You may also want to compare prices with its competition before making a purchase and chances are a pharmacy may decline your card. 

Fortunately there are other options like that you can check out as well. 

Well, that’s my OneRx Review. Would you use the program based on what you’ve just read? Feel free to chime in at the comments section below. If you still have questions about the company you can visit their FAQs page here

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If you're thinking you'll save money on prescription drugs using OneRx, think again. There are shocking complaints in this review about the company you're better off knowing about to avoid wasting time.

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