Rocky Mountain Tumbler Review: All Hype or The Real Deal!

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If you’re planning a day on the beach or a long car ride, you need a way to keep your beverage of choice icy cold. How can you ensure that you always have a refreshing drink at hand? And what’s the best way to keep your coffee or tea warm in the winter months? An insulated tumbler is the answer which is probably why you have landed on this Rocky Mountain Tumbler review.

But tumblers come in many different designs, shapes, and sizes. How do you know which one fits your needs the best? The 30 oz. Rocky Mountain Tumbler is a popular option. Let’s look into its main features and see if it actually works. 

What is the Rocky Mountain Tumbler?

This stainless steel tumbler can hold 30 ounces of liquid, which makes it a great choice for road trips. Unlike a thermos, the Rocky Mountain Tumbler fits into most cup holders.

It even has an anti-sweat design that makes it easy to hold securely. You can even use this tumbler while you drive. There’s a see-through lid that keeps it from leaking or spilling.

However, thermal insulation is the most important feature to look for in a tumbler. This product is designed to keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours, while cold drinks are supposed to stay cold for 24 hours. So does Rocky Mountain deliver on this promise?

Is the Rocky Mountain Tumbler Made in USA?

No, these tumblers are made in China.

How Does the Rocky Mountain Tumbler Work?

The thermal insulation comes from the double-wall vacuum design. This tumbler has a pair of steel walls separated by a vacuum. This vacuum prevents heat transfer between the two walls.

If you’re using your tumbler for soup, tea, or some other warm drink, the heat will be trapped on the inside wall. On the other hand, you can use it to store the icy drink of your choice. The vacuum will keep the heat out.

There’s very little heat transfer but the heat exchange is not zero. This is because heat radiation is still possible in a vacuum and the lid is not as well insulated, so your drinks won’t stay cold or hot forever.

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler Features

Here are the main features that make this tumbler a useful option:

Double-wall insulation

While the insulation probably won’t really last a full day, this tumbler is a great option for both the summer and the winter months.

Practical design

The bottom half of the tumbler is narrow enough to slide into most cup holders, so you can have the tumbler at hand when you’re driving.

BPA-free stainless steel

As it’s made of stainless steel, this tumbler is a durable choice for camping, mountain-climbing, and other adventures.

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler is BPA-free, which means that you won’t have to worry about a metallic aftertaste. Since the health effects of BPA are still being studied, it’s definitely safer to stick to products made without that chemical.

See-through lid

With other tumblers, you may find it annoying that you can’t tell how much of your drink you’ve got left. The Rocky Mountain Tumbler’s see-through lid makes it easier to keep track of your beverage. In new condition, the lid’s silicone seal is spill-proof.

Is the Rocky Mountain Tumbler Dishwasher-Safe?

No. While you can safely wash the see-through lid in your dishwasher, the steel tumbler needs to be hand washed.

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler Coupon Codes

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The Rocky Mountain Tumbler Complaints

So it all sounds good up to this point, but we have found some complaints against the Rocky Mountain Tumbler. Let’s dive into some of these:


Lid Wears Down Quickly

Over time, the Rocky Mountain Tumbler may start leaking, especially during a bumpy car ride or a jog. It’s still a durable tumbler, but the lid gets worn out fairly quickly.

This is especially important to keep in mind if you’re using the tumbler to store something hot. If the lid stops sealing the tumbler correctly, you can look for Rocky Mountain Tumbler replacement lids on Amazon and other online venues.


Handle Not Included

Another downside is that it doesn’t have a handle. Fortunately, you can purchase Rocky Mountain handles for your tumbler separately. But that’s an extra expense, and there’s always a chance that the handle won’t fit.


Advertising A Bit Misleading

People who have used this tumbler have complained about their advertising when it comes to how long it can keep drinks hot. Experience shows that it can’t really keep a hot drink hot for more than a few hours. It does a better job with cold liquids.

Is the Rocky Mountain Tumbler Better than Yeti?

Like the Rocky Mountain Tumbler, Yeti tumblers come with double-walled vacuum insulation. You can find 30 oz. Yeti tumblers with the same car-friendly design.

Both tumblers are easy to hold, and they both keep your cold drinks cold for a long time. They also both do a good job with hot drinks.

However, there’s a major difference between the two models. Yeti tumblers have a durable magnetic lid. Although spills are still possible, you’re less likely to need a replacement if you invest in an authentic Yeti.

On the other hand, this lid isn’t see-through. So while it’s more secure than the Rocky Mountain Tumbler, you won’t be able to visually check how much of your drink is left in your Yeti. 

Rocky Mountain Tumbler Alternatives

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler appears to be a good product, but you might be interested in some other options too. Here are two alternatives you may want to take into consideration:

MalloMe Stainless Steel 30oz Tumbler Set: This set is decoratively packed, which makes it a good option if you’re looking for a gift. It comes with a reliable carry-on handle, a cleaning brush, and a steel straw. Additionally, the set contains a backup lid.

If you’re looking for a durable tumbler made from BPA-free stainless steel, the MalloMe set might be right for you. Just like the Rocky Mountain Tumbler, it delivers a great deal of thermal insulation.

But there are a few downsides to this set. You can’t put it in the dishwasher, so cleaning the stainless steel straw can be tricky even if you make use of the included cleaning brush.

Additionally, this tumbler set doesn’t have a see-through lid. This makes the Rocky Mountain Tumbler a more desirable option for some users.


GLACIIO Tumbler: The GLACIIO is equipped with a see-through sliding closure lid. So if you’re looking for a spill-proof tumbler for the road, the GLACIIO might be your best bet. This tumbler is also sweat-free, so you won’t have to worry about leaving wet rings on your furniture.

This tumbler also does a fairly good job of keeping your drinks at a steady temperature. But the downside here is that you can’t find handles for the 30 oz. GLACIIO. You can try your luck with generic tumbler handlers that are available online, but chances are that you won’t be able to find handles of the right size. It is also important to mention that the GLACIIO isn’t machine-washable.

Does the Rocky Mountain Tumbler Really Work?

The manufacturer promises the Rocky Mountain Tumbler will keep your warm drink hot for half a day under any circumstances. They also say that icy cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours, even if the tumbler is exposed to intense heat.

Both of these claims are somewhat exaggerated. While the stainless steel walls are very efficient, your drink may end up lukewarm in 4-5 hours. The same is true for any other highly-ranked 30 oz. tumbler.

Don’t trust the advertisements completely. Nonetheless, this practical and durable tumbler is worth considering. The comfortable design and chemical-free steel construction might make it ideal for your needs.

After reading the Rocky Mountain Tumbler review, you should now have all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. But if you still have questions, you can visit their Amazon page and read the questions and answers there.

Have you tried this tumbler before? If you have, please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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The Rocky Mountain Tumbler makes a lot of claims like keeping your tasty beverage cold or hot for many hours. But is it really true or all hype. Read the shocking complaints below and decide if this cup is really right for you or not. You've been warned.

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