ShopSavvy Review: Is It A Legit App or Scam?

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Who doesn't like the best deal? Fortunately online stores tend to have some great prices. But there are even apps that can take it a step further with your savings. The ShopSavvy app is one of these apps that claims to help you save tons of money. But you’re probably wondering if it's true and that's why you are checking out ShopSavvy Reviews.

Well, we have everything you need to know, including all the good, bad and ugly about ShopSavvy. So, let’s dive into it, shall we?

What Is ShopSavvy?

ShopSavvy found online at is a cash-back and consumer loyalty app that’s designed to help you find a product for the best price either online or in a physical store nearby. According to Wikipedia, the app’s developers Rylan Barnes, Jason Hudgins and Alexander Muse competed in Google’s Android Developer Challenge in 2008, won top prize for coming up with ‘’GoCart’’, the app and company that would later become ShopSavvy Inc.

How Does ShopSavvy Work?

Once you download ShopSavvy, you can create an account straight away start looking for what you want to buy. You can do that by either using the app’s barcode scanner, shop in a specific store listed in the app or use the app’s search feature. The app will then show you the results based on price and location.

Additionally ShopSavvy provides product reviews, partner offers and new trends information.

Let’s take a closer look at the app’s features.

ShopSavvy App Features


With the cash-back feature, once you buy something in one of its supported stores, you’ll get some cash back which will be sent to you via PayPal or mailed check after three months. This works very much like


As mentioned earlier, the app’s search feature comes in two-fold. There’s a barcode scanner within the app that’s obviously meant to simplify your search experience. You can also use the normal type-and-tap feature to find what you want to buy. Results will be displayed based on price (cheapest to most expensive) and location (nearest to furthest).

Deals, Offers and Best Prices

ShopSavvy claims it has partnered with over 400 popular online and physical stores including Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Target and such to help shoppers get the best prices, deals and offers on products. The app will compare prices for you, tell you where you can get a better deal and so forth.

How Do I Get Started With ShopSavvy?

The app is available for free to download on the App Store or Google’s PlayStore.

What We Like About ShopSavvy

It’s not just about saving money

With most money-saving apps, all you get is a whole bunch of juicy money-saving features. But with ShopSavvy, there’s useful information on their website including Top Ten lists, reviews and how-to guides. They even tell you when you’re about to overspend, so you can be sure you’ll never go wrong with a purchase.

ShopSavvy App Complaints

I know this is the part of the review you are most concerned with. Well, I would give you the green light based on what you’ve just read, but let’s see where they’ve fallen short.

They don’t have a BBB profile

Unlike similar apps and sites such as that has an A+ BBB rating, ShopSavvy isn't listed with the BBB which may be a deal-breaker for those of you who need a stamp of approval from the Better Business Bureau.

It doesn’t work on all smartphones

People say they have had issues installing the app on their phones. Others claim the app crashes from time to time, but maybe there are two sides to that story, I don’t know.

ShopSavvy App Alternatives

The great thing about the internet is there are always additional options. For instance the app and browser extension also has deals, coupon codes and promo codes. is another great option to consider as well.

Is ShopSavvy App Legit?

Sure! The ShopSavvy app is as legit from what we can tell. Want to save even more money? and also has cash-back, deals and coupon codes. You can even use your spare time to rake in more cash watching videos, using the search engine and answering surveys for money and gift cards, then use the gift cards to shop on Worth a try, right?

Well, that’s my ShopSavvy review. Feel free to chime in your thoughts on the comments section below. You can also visit their FAQs page if you have questions.

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You're probably wondering what the ShopSavvy app hype is all about, and whether it truely helps people save money while shopping online. Well, don't download it just yet until you read this shocking ShopSavvy review.

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