SpyFly Review: Is It The Real Deal Or A Scam?

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Are you skeptical about your new neighbors? About to go on a hot Tinder date and want to be sure about the person? Then you might want to visit Spyfly.com. Founded in 2012, Spyfly is a web-based record retrieval service able to make background checks on anyone based on their name and location. While the information about the Spyfly’s founders remains unknown, the company’s headquarters are in 1804 Garnet Ave. Suite 409 San Diego, CA 92109.

How Does SpyFly Work?


As creepy as this may sound, it is true. Spyfly gives you access to anyone’s public records. With a few clicks of your computer mouse, you can know basically everything about a person, including their contact information, address and criminal record if any. You can easily find a long lost friend, verify information about the new employee and on the flip side, know if your neighbor is the sex predator on the loose.

SpyFly Features

You get access to public record information about anyone, and follow-up notification if anything changes via e-mail.

Once you register with Spyfly, you can monitor up to four people, and get an alert if a criminal moves into your neighborhood.

Spyfly also takes care of your loved ones. You can feed information about your family into their system and once one of them takes a French leave to Belize the authorities will know.

How Much Does SpyFly Cost?

At the time of this review, Spyfly will cost you $29.97 a month, or you can choose a quarterly charge of $39.97. A half-year subscription will set you back $49.97 and a yearly charge amounts to $59.98. Either of these bundles comes with a free 7-day trial. They will charge you $1 initially, and if you decide against your investigative innuendos within 7 days you can cancel your subscription with no further charges. If you decide to extend your subscription beyond 7 days, you will be automatically charged whether you spy or not, with no refunds; tough luck! To cancel a subscription, you will have to call their customer support.

How Do You Cancel A SpyFly Membership?

If you want to cancel your SpyFly membership you need to call their member support department at 1-800-831-9235 or 1-800-349-9058. If you don't give them a call, your account will not be canceled and they'll continue to charge you for it.


1. Pricing
Spyfly gives you some pretty affordable options to get your snoop on. A yearly subscription of $59.98 is cheap given the information you have access to. All this information can be retrieved anywhere, including your favorite bar's bathroom.

2. Positive BBB Rating
If you're one of those people that believe in the Better Business Bureau's rating as the be all and end all of determining a company's legitimacy, you'll be happy with SpyFly's rating. At the time of this review SpyFly's rating is an A+ which is the best a company can have.

3. Convenience
Using Spyfly is simple, all you need is an accurate spelling of their first and last name, and voila, you get to know about their dirty laundry. You can make unlimited searches, with the results being e-mailed to you immediately.

SpyFly Complaints

Like all companies SpyFly has it's share of complaints or areas of concerns you should be aware of before making any decisions.

1. Is that all the info I get?
People that have used the service have complained that the information provided about a person is often incomplete. If you are looking for the juicy information, you might want a more direct approach and approach their jilted ex-spouse.

2. Hidden Charges
Your $59.98 might not be enough to get what you need, and you might end up spending an extra Benjamin to know what only the feds and personal lawyers know. This ties into the first complaint.

3. No refunds
Given the nature of this service as being informational, SpyFly doesn't offer any refunds. So you better know within your 7 day trial if this service meets your needs or not. Because you ain't getting your money back folks.

4. Difficult cancellation process
Apparently it's going to take some resilience and a bit of luck to cancel any Spyfly subscription. Some have complained that they charge your card and make it a mountain-climb to cancel. As such you're automatically signed you up for a full month charge, then use technical jargons to slow down cancellation. This may have changed recently but it was a common complaint in the past.

So Is SpyFly Legit and Worth It?

At first glance, Spyfly seems like a great service to snoop on people. Yes you will get information, but probably not enough to satisfy your needs. The results mailed to you will be half-baked and then conveniently prompt you to add cash for a ‘’detailed’’ report. They will essentially throw you a bone, and then ask you to come get the meat if you can afford it. And be careful with the free trial as many have complained that it can be really hard to cancel.

So yes SpyFly is legitimate from a technical standpoint. But it may not be as comprehensive as you want. Maybe by the time you read this review this will have changed. Either way now you know some of the pitfalls. Feel free to watch my SpyFly Youtube video for more information.

However we would love to hear what you think about Spyfly in the comments section below! So chime in.

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SpyFly Review
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Spyfly will provide you some basic information when you pay. But apparently to get the real information you want requires an upgrade or using a different service.

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