VarageSale App Review: Is It A Legit Shopping App?

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We all have stuff just gathering dust or taking up space in the garage or closets. Why not turn these items you don’t need into extra cash? Or maybe you want to save some money, which you can do by buying used stuff online. You probably already know about this and have gone through a couple of VarageSale App reviews. If you are still up in the air whether to use the app, we will tell you everything you need to know including all the dirt.

What is VarageSale?

VarageSale app found at is an app developed to assist people buy and sell used items locally. Did you know sites like can pay you for downloading apps like these? Now you do. In any event, VarageSale was founded in 2012 by co-founders Tami Zuckerman and Carl Mercier. It’s funded by several investment groups, including Sequoia Capital and LightSpeed Venture. The startup is currently headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

How Does The VarageSale App Work?

Well, it seems the app is not for just anyone. You will have to join a VarageSale community within your area. VarageSale communities are monitored by admins for the safety of the members. Once you are approved by your area’s admin you can now log in and start transacting.

Approval can take days. If the admin in your area does not approve your membership request you can contact them for assistance.

Transacting with VarageSale App

If you have an item you’d want to sell, you simply take photos of it and post it up. When a member is interested in your item, the app will send you a notification of the same. They can comment on the photo of the item or send you a private message.

Once you agree to do business, you will have to reserve the item for the buyer up until you seal the deal. You can then schedule a meeting with the buyer. If everything sails through you exchange the item for cash.

How Much Does VarageSale App cost?

The VarageSale app is totally free on the App Store and Google’s Play Store. All you have to do is download and install it on your mobile device and start transacting. Did you know you can get paid for downloading apps like this on Now you do. If you don’t have iOS or Android, you can use VarageSale through your web browser.

How Do I Start with VarageSale?

Once you download the app you can go in and register. If you are using your web browser to sign up, you can do that directly using your Facebook account, or you can register using your email. You can either buy or sell using one account.

If you are a buyer, you can start browsing for items, contact the seller and schedule a meeting. If you are selling, all you have to do is post a few pictures of the item and wait for a notification from an interested buyer.

VarageSale App Features

VarageSale Community

As mentioned earlier the app is not for just anyone who needs to buy second hand items. You will have to go through a screening process before the admins in your area approve you to join your area’s VarageSale community.

Several selling categories

It appears you can sell almost anything on VarageSale including fashion accessories, men's and Women's clothes, jewelry, cars, electronics, toys, men's and women's shoes, and a whole lot of other stuff.

User rating

The rating feature allows both buyers and sellers to rate each others’ overall experience. If you had a good experience with the person you did business with you can praise them and this will reflect on their profile.

What We Like About VarageSale

Tight vetting process

They don’t allow just anyone in. You’ll have to pass a strict vetting process before you can buy or sell through the app or desktop website. This makes the app safer and more trustworthy.

VarageSale App Complaints

So far it all sounds good and dandy. But like any company there are complaints against the VarageSale app that you need to know so you can make an informed decision.

Some administrators are a bunch of jerks

There are several complaints about how the admins treat people. If you’ve got a problem, they can make you feel like an idiot. If you don’t have thick skin, they can get to your last nerve pretty fast.

They can shut you down for no good reason

Some users have had their accounts taken down for reasons you can’t sell to a five year old. It seems this happens when you register using your Facebook profile.  Even if you passed vetting, it doesn’t mean they won’t come for you sometime in the future.

You have to move your ass to do business

You have to meet the buyer or seller if you plan on doing business. Some users have complained of buyers jerking them around for months before finally agreeing to meet. Did you know you can conveniently make money at the comfort of your home with the app? Well, now you know.

No online payment method

Unlike where you can buy online from verified sellers, there’s no online payment method at VarageSale which is quite annoying to some users.

No BBB profile

At the time of writing this review, the Better Business Bureau is yet to accredit the company.

VarageSale App Alternatives

Amazon provides used items for sale as well without the headaches of having to meet someone and the other issues listed above. For instance offers free 1-2 day shipping so you don't have to meet with possible sketchy people.

Is The VarageSale App A Scam?

It is definitely not a scam. They’ve really tried to make it a safer alternative with strict vetting. However, there are complaints that make the app not as popular as the developers in Toronto would want it to be.

Their administrators could use a class or two on people skills. Furthermore, you have to be willing to meet strangers to buy or sell something with the app. The lack of a Better Business Bureau accreditation may turn some people off as well. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you. Some of these complaints may not be deal breakers for you.

If so, you have sites like that you can use to buy stuff online on the cheap all the while putting some money back into your wallet in the process. You can also shop for the same stuff using app and take advantage of the FREE guaranteed Amazon Prime Free 1-2 Day Delivery. So you have other options as well to consider.

Well, that's enough from me. Don’t forget to chime in your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to know what you think about this or any other similar app.

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VarageSale is an app and website that allows people within a certain community buy and sell used items. The app has been around for a while, but its popularity is slowly burning out. There are complaints, red flags and broken promises you might want to know about. We have broken them down in this VarageSale App review.

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