Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Review: Best Portable Generator?

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You forget the importance of modern conveniences like electricity until you lose it. You probably feel the same way and that's why you’re going through a couple of Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Reviews to determine whether it’s the right fit for your needs.

Well, let me save you some time and probably money. We uncovered some pretty shocking truths while writing this Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Review. So before you make a rash decision, you may want to take a few moments and read along carefully. 

About Yamaha EF2000ISV2 Generator 

  • Product Name: Yamaha EF2000IS 2000 Watt Inverter Generator
  • Champion Generator Best Price: Click Here to view the lowest price on Amazon.
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Corporate Website: YamahaGenerators.com

Yamaha Generators is a subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Company Limited and maker of both domestic and industrial alternative power equipment. The Japanese company is currently headed by Yoshihiro Hidaka; the company’s President. They’re currently headquartered in Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan. 

Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Features

  • Output Power – 1600 watt rated AC output, 2000 watt maximum AC output, 13.3/16.7 amps @ 120V
  • Quiet Muffler – Includes a USFS-approved spark arrestor with 51.5 dBA at 1/4 load 
  • Smart Throttle ‐ Enables you to vary engine speed based on current load to improve fuel economy, reduce noise and engine wear.
  • Electrical Overload Breaker – Protects generator incase of overload
  • Parallel Function – Allows you to connect two generators to deliver up to 30 amps at once.
  • Long Run Time Runs up to 10.5 hours at ¼ rated load on a tank of gas.
  • Clean Energy – Features Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with pure sine wave that’s cleaner than public utilities power.
  • OHV engine with cast iron cylinder liner ‐ Durable and reliable under high temperature, with good heat dissipation.
  • Grip and handle – For easier transport
  • DC Outlet ‐ 8A, 12V outlet for charging batteries (cables included).
  • Centralized controls ‐ Easy access to controls.
  • Fuel Gauge – A first for generators of this class
  • Oil Watch Warning System

Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Noise Level

You’ll almost forget that this generator is running if you’re standing 50ft from it. With a noise rating of 51.5dBA at 1/4 load while on economy mode, the Yamaha EF2000IS Generator is super quiet for a 2000W generator. The noise level peaks at 75dBA as you push in the throttle to increase engine speed, but the unit is fairly quiet during normal operation. 

Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Fuel Type

The EF2000IS Inverter Generator runs on a 1.1-gallon gas tank able to power through around 5 hours of runtime at half load. The unit produces clean energy thanks to a nifty little feature called Pulse Width Modulation that stabilizes the sine waves to extremely safe levels. 

Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Specifications


  • Type: Air cooled 4-stroke gasoline OHV
  • Cylinder Arrangement: Inclined, 1 Cylinder Displacement: 
  • Stroke: 79 cubic cm
  • Bore Stroke: 1.91 × 1.69
  • Engine Oil Quantity: 0.42qt
  • Ignition System: CDI
  • Spark Plug:Type: BPR6HS (NGK)
  • Gap: 0.6–0.7 (0.024–0.028)


  • AC Output
  • Voltage 120
  • Frequency 60
  • Current: 13.3
  • Output: 1.6
  • Safety Device Type: Electronic
  • DC Output
  • Rated voltage: 12
  • Rated current: 8
  • Safety Device Type: DC Protector


  • Length: 13.3 in
  • Width: 11.11 in
  • Height: 17.9 in
  • Dry Weight: 44lbs

What We Like About The Yamaha EF2000IS Generator

Very Quiet – At 1/4 load while on economy mode the unit is quite silent. You can simply ignore the hum and get on with your day. It may get a tiny bit louder once you push in the throttle to speed up the engine, but not loud enough to bother anyone. This is the kind of generator you take out camping, tailgating or to a job site, set it about 30ft away from you and forget it exists. . 

Compact and Portable – The unit weighs 44lbs and measures 2.2 cu.ft. That’s impressively portable and you don’t really have to consider your storage options when out and about. In fact, it’s smaller than the average beer ice cooler box. 

Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Problems

I bet this is the part of the review you're most interested in. We took a look at some of the most common problems customers ran into while using this Yamaha 2000W generator. Check them out below and decide for yourself if they are a deal breaker.

Uses too much oil – The word on the street is you may have to replace the oil very often. Compared to other 2000W generators, this Yamaha uses as much oil as gasoline. In addition, the oil brand they recommend is one of the most expensive in the market. So if you’re planning on using the unit regularly just know your oil budget may be sky-high. 

Watch out for fuel leaks – A good number of customers say their unit started leaking fuel after a couple months of regular use. It seems the area on the plastic fuel tank where the petcock is mounted is very thin and flimsy with no rubber to absorb the vibration. Due to exposure to the sun, hairline cracks in the mounting area develop letting the fuel slip through. That can be awfully dangerous. So you may want to regularly check for leaks or avoid operating the generator under direct sunlight. 

Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Parts

Wear and tear is normal, that’s just the way machines are built, there’s no point in crying about it. The only way around this is to invest in a generator with replacement parts. With that in mind, here are the Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Parts you can replace incase of failure. 

  • Air Shroud Starter
  • Camshaft Valve
  • Carburetor
  • Control Box
  • Crankcase
  • Crankshaft Piston
  • Cylinder
  • Exhaust
  • Frame
  • Frame 2
  • Fuel Tank
  • Generator
  • Graphic Emblem
  • Intake
  • Tci Magneto. 

If you need a replacement part, you can call Yamaha USA on 908-483-5329 and they’ll guide you on the way forward on a case by case basis. 

Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Maintenance

Giving your generator the tender love and care it deserves is the only way to get the most out of your purchase. So with the Yamaha EF2000IS Generator, safety, periodic inspection, spark plug adjustment and oil change will keep your generator in the safest and most efficient conditions possible. 

Maintenance Schedule 

  • Check the condition of the spark plug every 6 months or after 100 hours of use. Replace it if necessary.
  • Check for fuel leakage before every operation. 
  • Change the oil and air filter element after every 6 months or 100 hours of use. Same goes for the muffler screen and spark arrester. 
  • Clean or replace the fuel filter after every 12 months or 300 hours runtime. Check breather hose for cracks or damage after the same period. 
  • Decarbonize the cylinder head as often as possible, daily if necessary.
  • Check and adjust the valve cylinder every chance you get. 
  • Check for any loose parts and fittings before every use.

Yamaha recommends that if you don’t know how to go about the cleaning and maintenance regime you can contact the nearest authorized dealer for help. You can call the contact center on 908-483-5329. 


Always store your generator in a cover bag to protect the vulnerable parts. Cover bags for this model cost about $50 on Amazon.com. So be sure to get one if you don’t have it, and your generator will thank you. 

Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Warranty

The warranty for the Yamaha 2000W inverter generator is good for 3 years from the date of purchase. The warranty covers material and workmanship defects. They’ll replace or repair any defective part for free during the warranty period, as long as you have not violated the terms of the warranty. You can read more on that here

Despite the solid warranty from the manufacturer, it’s always good to shop at stores like Amazon.com where you’re guaranteed effective customer service, easy returns and hassle free follow-up with your claim. 

Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Manual

You can go here to view and download this model’s user manual. 

Yamaha EF2000IS Generator Best Price

The Yamaha EF2000IS Generator can cost a little over $900. To get the latest price for this model, you can click here to visit Amazon.com where you should get the best price for it and FREE 1-3 Day shipping if you’re a Prime member. 

You can also save more money while shopping for generators like this one using sites like Rakuten.com which provide you cashback and coupons. Another way to save money while shopping online is by using SwagBucks.com which offers cashback on shopping. This site also provides you the ability to earn cash and gift cards doing what you already do online like reading emails, visiting websites, watching videos and more. So you never have to pay full price if you take advantage of all these options. 

Other Generator Models To Consider

Perhaps you’re on the fence about this generator given the problems you’ve just read about. So feel free to check out these Yamaha EF2000IS 2000W Generator alternatives.

Should You Buy The Yamaha EF2000IS Generator ?

Yamaha generators are popular for two things: resilience and ease of use. While you can easily find alternatives to this model, you’ll most probably find one that thrives in reliability but is not that easy to use, repair or maintain, or vice versa. Again, the Yamaha EF2000IS is super quiet while on economy mode. So you can easily fire it up anywhere and go on with life as normal. 

It’s also very portable based on its size and weight. However, it requires regular maintenance otherwise fuel may start to leak. All the same, if you’re okay with the price tag, you should definitely buy this model if you’re looking for a compact, lightweight, portable and reliable alternative power source/

It’s a wrap, folks! That’s my Yamaha EF2000IS Generator review. Would you buy it or the problems are too bitter a pill to swallow? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below. If you still have questions, you can find answers on the product’s Amazon page

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