Fashion Nova Review: Is It Legit or A Fashion Scam?

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If you're reading this page you've probably seen all the hype about Fashion Nova on instagram and other social media platforms. But can you really believe the Fashion Nova reviews from paid instagram models? Well if you want some real and honest reviews about fashion nova, then you're in the right place. But I'm warning you, you may not like to know the truth buying from Fashion Nova.

What is Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova is a new online women’s wear fashion house specializing in clothing for curvy women. It considers itself as a ‘’body-positive brand’’. Their main point of sale is online via, although they do have retail stores in Los Angeles South California. Fashion Nova was founded in 2014 by Richard Saghian, and became popular with a lot of help from Instagram celebrities and social media “it” girls.

What Are The Fashion Nova Products?

The online start-up fashion company rose to the limelight with their ‘’body-conscious’’ line of clothing. Fashion Nova has an elaborate catalog of women’s clothing, including jeans, dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets, jumpsuits, leggings, Jeggings and pants. They also have loungewear, swimwear, lingerie, shorts, pants, footwear and bodysuits. Accessories include everything make-up, sunglasses, bags, bras and jewelry. On their website, you will find Kylie Jenner’s exclusive page, a bestsellers section, coming soon, spring break wear, an under $15 segment and blowout sale section.

Where Do Fashion Nova Get Their Clothes From?

You probably think that fashion nova is getting their clothing from a supplier, vendor or wholesale warehouse in China and reselling it. But according to the company,  they actually work locally with about 500 sewing factories across Los Angeles, California. At the time of this review they claim that 80% of the fashion nova products are made in LA. But if you want to know how to get clothing for wholesale pricing, you might want to check out the following resources.

How Expensive is it? calls Fashion Nova as the ‘’most affordable celebrity-inspired fashion store on the Internet’’. Be that as it may, let’s break down their price range. Fashion Nova’s dresses, tops, jackets and sweaters price range is between $16 and $80. Pants, shorts, bodysuits and loungewear are priced from $18 to $98, while accessories are generally below $100. You can also accessories, pants, tops, leggings and bras, at the under $15 section. But you can find similar fashion nova clothing for even better prices on

They also sell products on wholesale; all you have to do is head over to the wholesale section through their website and fill out the form. Buying wholesale sets you back a minimum $1000, and they ship globally.

What Is Fashion Nova's Refund Policy?

Fashion Nova is a ‘’no refunds, maybe store credit’’ company. Once you place an order and you need to cancel, prepare to have moist eyes. They will only offer you store credit under certain conditions. If what they sent was not what you asked for, you will have to inform them within 24 hours after receiving, and shipped back to the address 28016 46th Street St. Vernon CA within 30 days after receiving the order. If you think that policy sucks you may want to check out similar brands with better policies here on

What Do We Like?

Coupons Galore!
All you have to do is just try to leave the website and you'll get coupon offers that will save you money. Furthermore there are a lot of promo codes offered online via social media and social media stars.

Curvy Friendly
It’s usually very hard to find clothing designed for women with various body shapes, especially if you're curvy. Fashion Nova’s website is like a haven for women shoppers since it appeals to so many body types.

Affordable For Any Budget
In addition to providing clothing for all types of women, Fashion Nova makes them extremely affordable for any budget.

Positive BBB
At the time of this review Fashion Nova has a Better Business Bureau rating of B which is pretty good for any store.

Fashion Nova Complaints

No refund
Once you place an order and change your mind after checking out, the closest you will come to a refund is store credit.

Poor Customer Service
A good number of customers have complained of horrible customer service, especially if you are not calling to compliment them for their awesome products. If you have an issue with your delivery, it will take some luck to get your issue handled. ‘’if you are not going to give me my money back, at least give me reason to believe I am not in the hands of scammers’’ a customer wrote.

Fashion Nova Slow & Delayed Delivery
If you are planning on ordering clothes for an upcoming event or vacation, don’t make a last minute purchase on Fashion Nova, chances are they will not arrive when you need them. Customers have also complained of incorrect deliveries, damaged products and lost goods. It can take weeks for Fashion Nova to deliver your clothing. They seem to have grown faster than they can manage.

Hidden charges
A good number of customers have complained of charges they did not sign up for. Apart from the non-refundable shipping charges, there is a whole forest of fees you will find on your receipt that you had no idea would accrue.

Are there any other stores like Fashion Nova?

If any of the complaints listed above make you uncomfortable, I totally understand. Fortunately you can find a lot of the same type of women's clothing for less at No matter where you decide to shop you should definitely use the free Honey Browser App to help you save money by finding you the coupons and promo codes that actually work. 

So is Fashion Nova Scamming Customers?

Based on what customers have to say about Fashion Nova, it is a one-stop shop for affordable and trendy clothes for any body size. You will stay up-to-date with the current fashion trends, at a budget. However, you need to be sure of what you are buying since it’s impossible to get your Benjamin back if you are dissatisfied. With a no-refund policy, you're pretty much stuck with store credit. And you better order weeks in advance since fashion nova seems to have very delayed shipping which is frustrating. That all said, it still seems to come highly recommended by women online and social media. But you'll need to take their opinion with a grain of salt since they're getting paid for promoting fashion nova. So that's our opinion about Fashion Nova.

We would love to know what you think about Fashion Nova, drop us a comment or suggestion in the comments section below.

Fashion Nova Review
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Fashion Nova seems to be the place online to get trendy and sexy clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. However their refund policy and delayed shipping is probably going to turn you off. Don't believe the hype on instagram. Read a real honest review about this company.

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