Fetch Rewards App Review: Save Money On Groceries Or Scam?

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The kitchen is the heart of any home, at least mine is. So it’s no surprise that my grocery bill takes up the biggest percentage of my expenses, right after the mortgage. Anyway, you’re probably wondering how you can save some money on grocery shopping and that’s why you’re going through Fetch Rewards App Reviews.

Well, we did the research and allow us to “save” you some time. (Pun intended) This Fetch Rewards review will save you valuable time, and eventually money after you read shocking facts about the app. 

About Fetch Rewards

FetchRewards.com is a website and app that gives you cashback on eligible purchases from select physical stores and brands. The company was founded by Wes Schroll in 2013 and they’re currently headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, United States. 

How Does Fetch Rewards Work?

All you have to do is download the app and get signed up. Once you’re in, you’ll find a list of participating products. At the time of writing there were 51 products on offer including diapers, ketchup, ice cream, deodorants and even beer. You can view the list of participating brands here

When you buy the item at your local grocery store, just take a photo of your receipt or scan it using the app. You’ll earn the points associated with the product usually within a few hours once they verify the receipt. But you can only scan up to 14 receipts every 7 days.

Points differ from item to item. It seems like the more you spend the more points you get. Once you hit the minimum payment threshold, you can redeem your points for available rewards at the time of asking. Rewards are electronic gift cards of popular brands in industries such as travel, hospitality, entertainment, food, beauty and so on. 

You can also earn points for referring others. Each time someone uses your referral code, you’ll each get 2,000 points. There’s no cap to how many people you can refer at this time. 

How Does Fetch Rewards Pay You?

Fetch Rewards offers gift cards as rewards once you reach the minimum payment threshold. It seems 100 points equal $1, and you’ll need at least 500 points to redeem the reward of least value. You can view your redemption options on their rewards page here. Once you redeem a reward, they’ll send you a digital form of it to your email. You can also access the reward straight from the app.

Did you know you can earn cashback in the form of cold hard cash instead of just gift cards at sites like SwagBucks.com and Rakuten.com? Well now you know. 

How Do I Get Started With Fetch Rewards?

To join Fetch Rewards, all you need is a smartphone with a good camera and an email account. Signing up is free, and the app is available on both iOS and Android

Fetch Rewards App Complaints

In a perfect world you wouldn’t expect to run into issues with apps like Fetch Rewards. But since this is no perfect world, read the complaints about the Fetch Rewards App and determine for yourself whether it’s worth the effort. 

You Can Easily Get Banned

Some users say Fetch Rewards locked them out of their accounts for “Terms Violation” without so much as a heads up or warning. When you get banned you lose your points and any reward on record. It seems the most common reason for this is operating an account on several devices. So you may want to read their Terms of Service before using the app. 

Negative BBB

If you judge companies’ legitimacy based on their Better Business Bureau rating, then you may not be happy with the F rating that the Fetch Reward App has at the time of this review.

Fetch Rewards App Alternatives

If you’re not sure whether Fetch Rewards would be the best money-saving app based on what you’ve just read, it would only make sense to check out other options. The mobile versions of SwagBucks.com and Rakuten.com also help you save money while shopping. You can also check out these three sneaky ways to save money while grocery shopping

Is Fetch Rewards App Legit or A Scam?

Fetch Rewards is not a scam. They may be late entries compared to similar apps like iBotta and ShopSavvy, but the app seems to be catching on quite nicely. But be careful while using the app not to violate their terms. The most common complaint is that of customers getting the boot for apparently breaking their rules. All the same, it’s a legit way of saving money while shopping for groceries. 

That being said, it’s always good to check other apps that help you save money while shopping. So definitely look into Rakuten.com or even SwagBucks.com where you also earn real money money for your time online besides cashback, gift cards and coupons that you can use to shop at your favorite stores. It never hurts to try out other options as well. 

Well, that’s my Fetch Rewards review. Feel free to drop us a comment down below in the comments section. If you still have questions about Fetch Rewards, you may find answers in their FAQs page

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FetchRewards review. 
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Do you dare use apps like Fetch Rewards apparently to save on groceries without reading reviews about? The app claims to help you save hundreds on your grocery bill. But how true is that?

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