GetUpside App Review: Legit Gas Cashback App or Scam?

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If you’re anything like me you probably hate having to pay full price while paying for things like gas, groceries and meals. Well, the GetUpside App claims you don’t have to. Chances are you are wondering whether there’s any truth in this and that’s why you are checking out some GetUpside App reviews.

So if you want the real deal on this app, I would strongly advise you to read this GetUpside Review. We dug up the good, the bad and the ugly about the app, and unfortunately it seems not everything’s pretty. You’ve been warned!

What Is GetUpside?

GetUpside found at is an app that claims to pay you cash back on gas, grocery shopping and restaurant bill. GetUpside was co-founded by former Google employees Wayne Lin and Alex Kinnier in 2016. They are currently headquartered at 777 6th St NW, Washington, DC 20001.

How Does GetUpside App Work?

So once you have the app on your phone you can start earning cash back every time you fuel, do grocery shopping or dine at a participating restaurant, store or gas station. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt and upload it using the app. Once everything checks out on their end they’ll give you cash back.

Here’s how much cash back they give at the time of this review.

  • Gas – 25¢/gallon. Not all locations are supported. You can check if your area is covered here.
  • Car washes – up to 50% cash back
  • Car services – up to 40% cash back
  • Restaurant bill – Up to 35% cash back. But this is only available in the DC area at the time of writing.
  • Grocery bill – up to 15% cash back. Again this is also only available in the DC area at this time.

Don’t forget to claim an offer first before paying. They say the reason for this is because the offers and rates change all the time. Anyway, once you get your cashback you can cash out at any time via PayPal or check. They say your cash back should reflect in 24-48 hours.

Did you know you can also get cash back and gift cards on shopping at, all the while making real money doing basically what you do online like watching videos, visiting websites and much more? Well, now you know. If you can’t use GetUpside in your area, you can use that works pretty much the same as GetUpside.

What Stores, Restaurants and Gas Stations Support GetUpside?

GetUpside is not available everywhere at this time. You’ll have to use the app’s location and search features to look for offers. But here are some of the participating stores at the time of this review:


  • Streets Market & Cafe
  • Moti's Market


  • Little Dipper HotPot
  • Angelico
  • Botanero

Gas Stations

  • Shell
  • Chevron Texaco
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Valero
  • BP
  • 76
  • Citgo
  • Sunoco
  • Marathon and more

How Does GetUpside Referral Program Work?

You’ll get a promo code in your profile area in the app once you’re done signing up. You can share this code to people that may be interested in signing up for the app. If they sign up using your referral code you’ll get an additional $.20 off on your next gas receipt. You’ll also get $.02 discount per gallon every time they take on an offer at the pump, and spend at least $10. But there are no referral bonuses or restaurants and groceries at this time.

How Do I Join GetUpside?

GetUpside app is free to download and use. All you have to do is find the app on Google’s PlayStore or the App Store depending on your device. You can then install it and sign up with your email and then pick a password.

Even though the app is available in the US, only nine states are covered. You can go here to know whether your area is covered.

GetUpside App Complaints

I know this is the part of the review you’re most interested in. There are a couple of things you may not like about GetUpside. So read for yourself and decide whether they are deal breakers or not.


You can easily get banned

Some users claim they never got cash back and eventually got banned from using the app after apparently violating their terms. So you may want to read their rules first before using the app, because it’s not always obvious that you’ll get cash back every time.


Privacy Concerns

Some people are of the opinion that to use the app you may have to give up an arm and a leg. They ask for your location, phone storage, messages and camera, which I guess is necessary given how the app works. But it gets worse. Sometimes they ask for your credit card information to verify your purchase. So if you are uncomfortable with any of that, maybe this app is not for you.


We Don’t Accept Cash

To get cash back you’ll need plastic money. Paper won’t just won’t cut it. They say the reason for this is that they’ll need to verify that the person claiming an offer is the same person making the purchase. Some users say they knew of the condition after paying for something they would have bought for less money elsewhere.

GetUpside Alternatives

With so many restrictions and limitations, it would only make sense to check out other options. The mobile versions of and don’t have all these restrictions. You can also check out ShopSavvy as an alternative.

Is The GetUpside App Legit?

GetUpside is a legit way of saving money at the pump, or while out on a date. But just make sure you have your credit card with you. And I mean yours. But they have too many annoying restrictions. Just because you can download the app doesn’t mean you’ll get offers near you.

So with so many limitations, perhaps an easier way to save money would be using and where you don’t have to cross your fingers to save money. They also work in several countries so you don’t have to worry about limitations. You can even use your spare time to rake in more cash watching videos, using the search engine and answering surveys for money and gift cards.

Well, that’s my GetUpside review. Feel free to chime in your thoughts on the comments section below. You can also visit their FAQs page if you still have questions.

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The GetUpside app claims you don't have to pay full price for things like gas, meals and groceries. If you're wondering whether there's any catch in that, you may want to check out the complaints in this review.

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