Listia App Review: Is It A Scam or Can You Get Stuff For Free?

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Who doesn't love free stuff? Lord knows, I do. So I'm always on the hunt for more free stuff.  Fortunately, there are apps like Listia that claim to enable people exchange stuff for free. You are probably wondering if this is actually true and that’s why you are going through Listia App reviews. We dug deep and finally came up with all the facts, including what’s good, bad and ugly about the app. So, let’s get right into it.

What is Listia?

List found at is an app and a website that allows you to sell old stuff you don’t need and get new stuff you actually want ‘’for free’’. We shall discuss more on that a bit later. Listia, Inc. was launched in 2009 and is currently under the management of the company’s President James Fong. It is headquartered in 200 Blossom Lane Mountain View, CA 94041

How Does Listia App Work?

If you have old stuff you’d want some value out of, all you need to do is take a picture of it using the Listia App. Once you post it people will start bidding for it using ‘’Listia Credits’’ and the highest bid wins. You can then use these credits you’ve earned to bid for stuff and if your bid goes through you’ll have basically bought the item. You’ll be required to ship the item to the winner of the item to be marked as sold.

Listia Prices

With Listia, there are no prices. Each time you post an item you’ll get free credits, and once someone buys your item you can use the credits to get more stuff yourself.

How Much Does Listia App cost?

Listia is free on ITunes or Google’s PlayStore depending on the device you are using. You can also use the desktop app. Did you know you can get paid to download apps like this at Well, now you do.

How Do I Start with Listia?

Once you download the free Listia app you can straight ahead, start posting stuff to sell. You’ll earn 1000 free credits just by signing up, and another 1000 once you post your first item. You can also earn free credits by referring others. Each successful referral earns you 50,000 Listia Credits. It appears you can use Listia from anywhere in the world.

Listia App Features

Listia Assurance

The company will refund you if your bid turns out to be a scam. You can also get a refund if the seller changes the item’s description after the bid has ended, and the winner opts out of the deal.

Free Credits

You can continuously collect credits by completing available tasks including; listing, bidding, commenting and messaging. You get 4,000 credits just by linking your legit Facebook profile. You can also complete surveys and offers when available.

Selling credits for cash

You can also sell your credits for money. All you have to do is choose your own credits and wait for someone to make an offer. Once they buy the credits Listia will deposit the cash to your Listia account.

What We Like About Listia

Multiple ways to get credits

As mentioned earlier, you can earn free credits doing more than just selling. You can complete offers, refer friends, take on tasks or even surveys when they are available. is a wonderful site that has a similar concept where you can earn rewards that can be converted into actual cash. You're able to get paid for things you do online like watching videos, playing games, visiting sites and more.

Listia App Complaints

Free is good, no matter how rich you are. But is getting stuff on Listia really free? Is it worth your time? Read these complaints against Listia and you be the judge.

They might shut you down without notice.

Apparently you might get your ass kicked off Listia for no good reason or warning. Some users' accounts were shut down just like that and when you contact customer care, they'll refer you to their rules. It appears they change their user policies on the fly so you won’t even know when you are violating them.

Hidden Charges

There are charges they won’t tell you about up until you notice the deductions. There are listing fees and PayPal verification fees they forget to tell you about before you start transacting.

Awful Customer Support

Apparently some have said that the customer service reps at Listia can take days to respond to questions. There’s no telling when your prayers will be answered, especially if you are a buyer. They might even tell you that there’s nothing they can do to help you in a rude way.

Negative BBB

For you who live and die for a company’s status with the Better Business Bureau, you might want to know that Listia’s rating at the time of writing this review is an F.

Shady sellers and buyers

Be as detailed as possible when packing and shipping your stuff. Here’s why; A popular scam that’s going on at the site is that when you are shipping breakable items the seller might report that they received their items broken or damaged. They’ll report you and Listia will strip you of your points. If you are shipping breakable stuff, wrap up the item with enough padding so that you have an easier time while making your case with customer support.

Listia App Coupons and Promo Codes

You can exchange your Listia credits for coupons and promo codes. Just search for them the normal way you would search for items. You can also get these coupons and promo codes from different sources around the web. Speaking of coupons, offers various coupons and rewards you for shopping online.

Listia App Alternatives

Well, Listia is more or less similar to EBay, where you bid for stuff to buy, but with EBay you pay using real money. If you are looking for apps that help you get rid of old junk you don’t need, you can check out Decluttr or VarageSale.

Is The Listia App Safe?

Listia App has been around for a while now and people have actually been using the app conveniently. With enough credits you can get stuff for free and sell what you have for credits. The points quickly add up and you can get free credits by completing tasks and offers on the site.

So technically you can get stuff for free. However, there are a few black sheep on the site, just hell-bent on making people’s lives miserable. Just be careful when transacting, you’d want to check if the person you are doing business with is legit. At the end of the day if anything you read here makes you uncomfortable, that's fine. If you like the idea of getting free stuff you can do it legitimately using sites like They're listed with the BBB and they provide you tons of ways to earn rewards that you can turn into cash or gift cards and you can buy stuff for free from real merchants. So that's always an option.

Well, that’s it from me about the Listia App. I've done all the yapping, now it's time for you to jump in. Leave us a comment in the comments section below.

Until next time

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Listia App claims to enable people like you and me get rid of stuff we don't need and get new stuff for ''free''. The app has been making headlines for a while now, but there are a few users who would beg to differ. We dug deep to find exactly what you can expect if you decide to use the app, in this Listia App Review.

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