OfferUp App Review: Is It A Legit App Or Scam To Avoid?

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Let’s face it, we have all purchased shit that we ended up not using or barely using at all. These items end up in your closet, garage or wherever you hide them. The good thing is, someone out there might need what you no longer want. That’s why apps like OfferUp  exist to help you get rid of stuff lying around gathering dust. You are probably having second thoughts on whether it's safe to use the app and that’s why you are going through OfferUp App reviews. Well, we’ve got all the good, the bad and the ugly in this OfferUp App review. So let’s get into it.

What is OfferUp?

OfferUp found at is an app that assists people sell stuff they don’t want and buy stuff they need from neighbors and friends nearby. OfferUp was started in 2011 in Bellevue, Washington by co-founders Andreessen Horowitz and T. Rowe Price. According to, the start-up has since garnered funding from several capital venture companies including Jackson Square Ventures.

How Does OfferUp App Work?


Buying at OfferUp is pretty simple. Using your location information, the app displays available items near you. You can also use the app’s search tool to find specific items. Once you find your item of interest, you can make an offer straight away, or you can message the seller. When you agree on the price you arrange a meet and do business. You can set the distance you are willing to travel and the minimum and maximum price you are willing to offer.


If you want to sell items on OfferUp, just take a good photo of the item and say exactly what it is. Then, select a category (example, computer or phone), write a description of the item, set the price, post the item and wait for a potential buyer to contact you.

If you are selling a laptop, for example, you will have to state the condition of the item, as in whether you are selling it for parts, used (normal wear), open box, reconditioned, or new (never used). All these will show when a potential buyer views the item, so you might want to be as detailed as possible.

When a buyer contacts you, the next step is to set up a meet and transact.

Is OfferUp Free?

OfferUp is free for both sellers and buyers. You can either register through the desktop app, download the OfferUp app on Google’s PlayStore or iTunes if you are using an Apple device. Did you know you can get paid to download apps like this at

OfferUp Seller Fees

Selling on OfferUp is completely free. However, you sellers have the option to bump their on ads on the platform and there is a fee associated with this. According to Offerup, the optional paid Bump feature sends a single item to the top of a buyers feed in the app. So that means more buyers will see it when they browse or search. It's the easiest way to get your item back in the spotlight and find a buyer fast. You can read more about bump here.

How Do I Rate Sellers and Buyers on OfferUp?

You can rate your experience with a seller or buyer on OfferUp once you seal the deal. When you go back to the app to confirm that you bought or sold an item then you can use the app’s five-star rating system to give your two cents.

OfferUp App Features


Offerup app has a section called “offers”. You would place items there that you’d want to sell either cheaply or quickly.


When someone follows you on OfferUp, it means they are interested in the items you are posting and would want to see more of what you’ll put up for sale. It appears you can only see who is following you through the desktop app.

OfferUp Bump

Well as mentioned earlier, OfferUp is free to use. However, the ‘’Bump’’ feature sends your item to the top of the pile to make it easier to sell the item. To use Bump, there’s a ‘’promotion’’ tab under the photo of your posted items. Bump’s rates are as follows

  • 3 days – $7.99
  • 7 days – $12.99
  • 14 days – $19.99

What Can’t I Sell on OfferUp?

You are probably wondering whether you can sell that porn collection your wife has been raising hell about. Well, sadly you can’t. Actually, you can’t sell items such as:

  • Alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Adult content or offensive items
  • Animals and animal products
  • Counterfeit and replica items
  • Food, gift cards, intangible items
  • Medicine
  • Anything illegal

What We Like About OfferUp

You can buy and sell stuff you don’t need easily

If your garage is overflowing with stuff you don’t want, you can exchange them for things you actually need, and people close to you will see it. Better yet, you can do business with the app for free.

OfferUp App Complaints

Well, we promised you the poop on OfferUp, and we’ve got lots of it. So, while using OfferUp, here’s what you need to know listed below.

There are lots of scammers

According to people who’ve bought or sold on OfferUp, the chances of getting scammed are quite high, . People will sell you fake stuff, especially collectibles and rare items. You might want to confirm what you are buying before money exchanges hands.

You are on your own

Remember Vinted App, where they have a community, a tight vetting process and stuff? Well, there ain’t no communities on OfferUp. Literally anyone can be a user, so you you should be on guard.

“Did they just tell me to call 911?”

The customer service will not help you when the shit hits the fan. One user was asked to report a crime with the police after she bought a fake laptop through the app. Damn!

Negative BBB

At the time of writing this review, OfferUp’s rating with the Better Business Bureau is an F. No surprises over here!

You Better Bump It Up

Remember we mentioned the app is free to use. But that doesn't pay the bills. So the people at OfferUp will do just about anything to make money, including bundling out posts from sellers with sponsored items and ads. So, don’t expect your shit to sell as fast if you don’t use Bump.

You have to walk the mile to do business

If you decide to buy or sell stuff using OfferUp, you’ll have to move your ass to do business. Did you know you can make money at home using the app without moving a muscle? Well, now you do.

OfferUp App Alternatives

It totally makes sense to try out alternatives given all the complaints you’ve just read. There are apps like Vinted that take a shot at keeping scammers off. You can also check out which helps you earn free cash and rewards that you can use to buy whatever you want. This way you don't have to deal with getting fake stuff or dealing with the potential of shady sellers. is another great option that earns you cashback and provides you $10 just for signing up!

Is The Offer Up App Safe? 

OfferUp might be free and all, but it may not be completely safe in terms of the sellers that are using the app. Unlike similar apps that vet people before inviting them in, OfferUp is open to anyone. You can easily get ripped off if you are not careful. There are no admins to verify users, so it’s a shot in the dark when using the app. The customer service is also pathetic, as they barely follow up on what’s going on. If you want to make money while shopping for stuff online, try and

Well, that’s my opinion on OfferUp. Do you have yours? We would love to read your comments or questions in the comments section below.

Until next time

Eddy ‘’with a Y’’

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You are probably wondering whether it's safe to buy and sell stuff using the OfferUp App. Up until recently, the app was doing great and we couldn't have been happier. So what's going with the company at the moment? Read our OfferUp Review and find out!

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