RoseGal Review: Is It A Legit Shopping Site Or Scam?

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The internet has made it easy to shop for various items because of all the web based stores. But the problem is, it's hard to know where to shop safely, with online stores popping up from nowhere every day. Well, you have probably heard of RoseGal and want to know if it’s safe to shop there, and that’s why you are going through Rosegal reviews. It’s about time you get the inside scoop as to what you would expect while shopping at RoseGal, including the good, the bad and the ugly. So, let’s get right into it.

What is RoseGal?

RoseGal, found at is an online retail store that sells women’s and men’s fashion items including clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, hair and such, with a bit more emphasis on plus-size women’s clothes. We could not find any information about the company’s local offices, when they started or who owns it. According to their About Us page, it appears the company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

RoseGal Prices

Rosegal's women’s clothes go for anywhere between $10 and $50, with the most expensive dresses going for at least $80. Women’s accessories including bags, jewelry, hats and scarves are priced at anywhere between $5 and $40, although you can find a few items below the $5 mark and also above $50. The best selling women’s shoes are priced at $20, give or take.

Men’s clothes are also priced between $10 and $50, with the most expensive men’s shirts capped at $100. Rarely will you find men’s shoes going for less than $10 or more than $100. Men’s accessories including ties, watches, scarves, fedoras and socks generally range from $1 to $20. You can also find men’s jewelry for as little as $5.

Most of these items are always on discounts, with coupons and promos popping up from time to time as you browse the website, so it all depends on when you are shopping as they adjust the prices daily.

RoseGal Refund & Return Policy

Basically, you have 30 days from the time you received an item to ask for a refund or exchange. They will accept the item back as long as it’s unworn, unwashed, the labels are intact and the original packaging is undamaged. You can also return an item if it’s not exactly what you ordered.

Forget returns and refunds if you bought swimwear, lingerie, earrings or any item that’s on sale. However, RoseGal has an ongoing warranty for returnable items under $50.

If you want to return an item, you’ll have to call customer care to know where you’ll ship the product back to. For example, UK customers will make returns to the RoseGal warehouse in the UK.  If you are cancelling an order, do it within 24 hours, otherwise you’ll have to pay for it.

RoseGal Payment Options

You can pay using either of the following payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover)
  • Western Union
  • Boleto Bancario (for Brazil customers)
  • Wire transfer

RoseGal Shipping

RoseGal ships globally. That said, how long your item takes to arrive depends on factors like, the shipping service you chose, destination, size and weight of the item. Shipping can take up to 25 days, but not less than 5 days, without counting the 3-day processing time. Expedited shipments take up to 7 days. If you simply can’t wait that long, you can shop at and get 1-2 day free delivery.

Once you place your order, you can request for tracking information after 48 hours. They’ll also send you a confirmation email once your item is ready for shipping. According to RoseGal, the customer pays for shipping, which is usually a percentage of the cost of the item. Sometimes 0% cost shipping applies, but to a few countries, not worldwide. You can check the rates here.

You can choose from multiple trusted shipping services employed by RoseGal.

RoseGal Customer Service

You can always reach out to customer service if you want to make returns, ask for refunds or any other question you might have on live via Facebook Messenger or the website’s Live Chat. You can also call RoseGal on 1-888-320-8188 (For US Customers) between 6:30-8:30 and 18:30-23:00 American EST. For other customers, call 001-888-320-8188 from 7:30 to 21:30 (GMT+8). Alternatively, you can email them via

RoseGal Coupons or Promo Codes

There are always coupon and promo code fliers on their website. You can also collect RoseGal coupons from different sources around the web. But the best way to get Rosegal clothing for the best price is to use sites like, or which allows you to earn FREE gift cards and cash that can be used at Rosegal or anyway you chose.

RoseGal Complaints

I know this is the part of the review you are most interested in. If you want to know whether RoseGal is worth your time, here are a few things you might not like about RoseGal.

Who owns this thing?

There’s absolutely no face behind the mask that is RoseGal. It appears they are headquartered in China, but we won’t let them off the hook until we know who owns the business. Whether they are doing this intentionally or not, it’s a red flag if you ask me.

Negative BBB

At the time of writing this review, their reputation with the Better Business Bureau is far from good. Actually, there are a few follow-up efforts done by the BBB that failed to check out, and that’s probably why their rating is an F.

Ridiculous shipping delays

Some customers had to wait for months for their orders to arrive. Sometimes the order doesn’t arrive at all. When you contact customer care, they’ll play the ‘’please be patient’’ card for as long as they can. You might have to rely on sheer luck, and mind you this is after you’ve paid for your damn order, including shipping! It's totally the opposite of which offers 1-2 free day shipping!

Poor customer service

They are moving mad volume every day, so expect the unexpected when trying to reach out to RoseGal’s customer service. People have complained of having to deal with rude customer care reps, or their inquiries going unsolved.

”No, RoseGal, you don't ship worldwide for free!!”

Don't fall for some things you see on their website. You might come across these words ”Free Worldwide Shipping” somewhere on their website. They are lying through their teeth You can head over to the Shipping and Handling page and check out if you are eligible for free shipping.

RoseGal Alternatives

Some of these complaints may not sit well with you, so it’s only reasonable you may want to explore other options. If that's the case, then you can feel confident shopping at, or with FREE guaranteed 1-2 day Amazon Prime delivery. So you have other options, either way.

Is RoseGal safe?

Some folks consider RoseGal as safe. However, we don’t know who owns the company and it appears these clothes are made in China, which may be the reason for delayed shipping complaints.

Personally, I wouldn’t shop at RoseGal when you can get the same items on, or from trusted retailers with better customer service. You can also earn free cash and gift cards at that you can use to shop anywhere like trusted stores you already know. But hey, it’s all up to you. No matter where you decide to shop you should definitely use the free Honey Browser App to help you save money by finding you the coupons and promo codes that actually work. 

Well, that’s my two cents about RoseGal. Feel free to chime in on the comments below with your feedback or thoughts about this company.

Until next time

Eddy ‘’With a Y’’

RoseGal Review
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RoseGal is one of the many fashion websites around. Up until recently, the website has received heavy criticism from customers around the globe. We wanted to know what the real deal is so we've uncovered some of the complaints and listed them in the review below.

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