ScriptSave WellRx Review: Prescriptions Money Saver or Ripoff?

ScriptSave WellRx Review

Prescription medicine has never been cheap, and if you’re a parent like me, you definitely know how important it is to save whenever possible. So companies like ScriptSave WellRx claim to help you save when buying prescriptions. I wish we could take their word for it, but that’s not how the world works. That’s probably …

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Top 10 Best Free Prescription Discount Cards

Best Prescription Discount Cards

Let’s face it, none of us want to pay full price for anything if we can avoid it. But you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your health. Fortunately you don’t have to pay full price for prescribed medication. Because prescription discount cards are designed to save you money especially if you …

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SingleCare Prescription Discount Card Review: Save Money or Scam?

SingleCare Review

Let’s face it, prescription medicine can be expensive. But you probably already know this and it’s why you’re looking to save money at the pharmacy whenever you can. Apparently companies like SingleCare Services can help you save money when buying prescription meds by offering you a discount. But you’re probably reading several SingleCare Prescription Discount …

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EasyDrugCard Review: Best Discount Prescription Program or Scam?

EasyDrugCard Review

Who doesn’t like saving money? And considering how expensive prescription drugs are, saving money on your health is even more important. So companies like EasyDrugCard claim they can help you save money buying meds by offering you a discount. However you’re probably reading several EasyDrugCard reviews to determine whether that’s actually true.  Well, we scoured …

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