4Sleep Mattress Review: Perfect Buy or Waste of Money?

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Someone just told me that lack of sleep will kill you faster than hunger will. If there's any truth in that, then I guess a good mattress can save your life. If you're here, chances are you want to know if the 4Sleep mattress in a box is the real deal or not. It's probably why you're going through a couple of 4Sleep mattress reviews.

Well, if you want to know the truth, read our review. Unfortunately, it's not always pretty. So let's get cracking, shall we?

What is 4Sleep Mattress?

Mattress maker 4Sleep found online at 4sleep.com  is a mattress in a box company straight out of Peachtree City, GA. The BBB places them at 1227 N Peachtree Pkwy STE 222, Peachtree City, GA 30269-1743 and according to their website, 4Sleep, LLC was founded by husband and wife entrepreneurs Lori Zack and David Alter in mid 2015.

4Sleep Mattress Products and Features

At the time of this review the company sells only one type of mattress that comes in industry-standard sizes; the Queen, King, Cal King, Twin, Twin XL and Full.

They claim that their foam mattress is a combination of four layers each with its own special function. The topmost layer is a Sensitive Layer, followed by a Responsive Layer and an Energizing Layer beneath it. A Support layer sums up the mattress’ construction.

They go on to say that the Sensitive layer keeps you cool and maintains the perfect temperature for sleep. The Responsive layer maps your body’s pressure points for pressure relief and support.

The Energizing layer is a resilient foam layer that boosts your movement while minimizing motion transfer between sleep partners.

And finally the support layer that basically takes care of your mattress.

How Durable is 4Sleep Mattress?

It's hard to say. I mean the company has only been around for a little less than four years. But mattresses of the kind tend to maintain firmness for at least five years. The 4Sleep also has edge support which tends to pump more life to mattresses in general.

Is the 4Sleep Mattress Good for Back Pain Relief?

Well 4sleep doesn't explicitly claim it helps back pain. But they say the responsive layer maps your body’s pressure points. So maybe that helps.

Where Can I Buy A 4Sleep Mattress?

You can of course buy the 4Sleep mattresses either off their website or on Amazon.com. They say all mattresses are packed and shipped from their factory in Georgia. But if you want the best prices you should check out Amazon.com.

4Sleep Mattress Cost and Warranty

All 4Sleep mattresses come with a 100-day trial and a 10 year warranty. You also get the 100-day trial if you buy the Mattress on Amazon.

On the manufacturer’s website, a Twin goes for $595 and you’ll pay an extra $100 for the Twin XL. The full goes for $845 and for an extra $100 you get Queen at $945. The King and Cal King both sell for $1095, at the time of this review.

But you may want to check Amazon.com for  even better prices.

Another way to get the best discounts, is to check out Rakuten.com which earns you cash back and provides you coupons. You can also earn FREE gift cards, cash and coupons from sites like SwagBucks.com. You can then use them to buy 4Sleep mattresses on Amazon.com and several other online stores. It’s pretty easy to earn. Because at SwagBucks, you earn rewards for things you already do online like watching videos, reading emails, visiting websites, playing games and more without breaking a sweat.

4Sleep Mattress Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping is free to the 48 contiguous states. Shipping to Canada is also free but you’ll pay an extra $75 handling fee. They say shipping takes 2-5 days once they load up your mattress in a FedEx Ground truck. It would probably be faster if you order on Amazon.com especially if you are a prime member as you’ll get it in 1-2 days for free. Your mattress will arrive in a box after they compress and wrap it up.

If you don’t like the mattress, just email customer service at support@4sleep.com. A local charity will come pick it up. But if you’re in Canada, you’ll have to pay $200 to return. Either way you get a full refund of the price of the mattress. Keep in mind you’ll have to use the mattress for at least 30 nights before you can kick up a fuss with customer service.

4Sleep Mattress Complaints

Well this is the part of the review I know you’re most interested in. There are a few downsides we thought you should know about before you spend your money.

There’s only one option to choose.

Compared with most mattresses in-a-box companies that have different variations, you only have one option to choose from. It’s like running a restaurant with only one item on the menu.

No free international returns

Keep in mind if you’re ordering from Canada, you’ll have to pay $75 handling and an extra $200 to return the mattress. So you might want to consider your options first before punching in those credit card numbers.

4Sleep Mattress Alternatives

There are other mattresses in-a-box alternatives you can get if you don’t like what you’ve just read. Casper and Leesa are 4Sleep’ closest competition. You can read our Casper mattress review and Leesa mattress review while weighing your options. All in all, you can actually find great deals on either of these alternatives on Amazon.com.

Should you buy 4Sleep Mattress or not?

The 4Sleep mattress seems to be a worthy purchase. It has serious edge support and so far customers seem to love it. But the mattress only has one variation so if you don’t like what they have, feel free to walk out on this one. All the same, the concept behind the mattress seems to be a treat for your spine and your wallet by extension.

So if this sounds good to you, you may want to consider buying 4sleep mattress on Amazon.com. You’ll probably find it cheaper, and you can get it faster if you’re a prime member with the FREE Guaranteed 1-2 day Amazon Prime Delivery.

Again, you can join sites like Rakuten.com and save money while buying 4Sleep mattresses.

Well now you know what to expect if you purchase a 4Sleep mattress. We would also love to know what you think about this or any other mattress in a box out there. Feel free to chime in your thoughts on the comments section below. You can also read their FAQs page if you need something cleared up.

Until next time

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