LetGo App Review: Is It A Legit App or Scam?

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Back in the day, buying used items involved taking a chance on your neighbor's garage sale to see if you can score something worthwhile. Nowadays, with the help of some apps like LetGo, you can get almost anything with a few taps of the phone. But technology can be both good and evil.

You're probably wondering whether the app is any good that's why you are going through a couple of LetGo reviews. Well, we have everything you need to know, including the good, the bad and the ugly right here. So, let's get cracking, shall we?

What is LetGo?

LetGo found at www.letgo.com is a buy and sell app that claims to connect nearby buyers and sellers to trade second hand goods such as household items, clothing, electronics and most recently houses. According to Wikipedia, LetGo was founded by Alec Oxenford in 2015 and is headquartered in both New York City and Mexico City.

How Does LetGo App Work?

You can either buy or sell stuff on LetGo. All you have to do is download the app for free on Google’s PlayStore or Apple’s App Store depending on the device you’re using, and start trading.


The app uses a geolocation feature that lists stuff closest to you to make person-to-person trading more likely. Once you find something you like, you can use the in-app chat feature to talk to the seller. The app doesn’t have an inbuilt payment platform.

You’d have to agree on how you’ll get your item with the buyer personally. You can even rate your experience with the buyer to help other buyers know if the seller is worth their salt.


Selling within the app is free and all you need to do is take a photo of the item, select a category, describe it and list. Once a buyer contacts you, you can start negotiating directly.

If you agree the terms, you can schedule how the exchange will take place. Again, you can rate your experience with the buyer to help other sellers know if the buyer is any good.

LetGo Seller Fees

As mentioned earlier, LetGo doesn’t have an inbuilt payment platform meaning they don’t charge sellers any fees. Although, if you’d like your listing to show up more prominently you can pay for a classified ad.

What We Like About LetGo

It’s totally free

One thing that probably sets LetGo apart from apps such as EBay is that there are totally no fees, for both buyers and sellers. You only negotiate terms and agree on how and where the exchange will go down. That's possible because they don't handle the money bit of it.

LetGo App Complaints

You’re probably wondering whether it’s safe to use the app. With so many scams out there, you can never be too sure up until something goes wrong. So, where does LetGo stand in all this? Read on and find out!

You’re on your own

You’re totally on your own if you want to trade with LetGo. They avoid any money issues with their users by not providing a platform to make payments. So, if you end up falling for a scam there’s no way of getting your money back. So many people have bought knock offs, fake phones and cheap ass electronics from lame sellers.

Phony Buyers and Sellers

It seems the app lets in just about anyone. You might follow up on a listing only to discover later it was just a buttload of shit. A buyer will even agree to meet up with you but end up being a no-show. There’s no way of telling how good a lead is especially people with no ratings on their profile.

Negative BBB

For you friends of the Better Business Bureau, is an F rating a deal breaker? Well if it is, then LetGo is not for you.

Awful customer service

The customer service sure responds to emails and calls, but they’ll do little to nothing to help you out. According to users, they make it sound like you’re the idiot who doesn’t read the terms and conditions while installing the app. It seems their go-to answer is ‘’you violated the terms’’ or ‘’please check out our terms of use’’, which to some users is dismissive, since they don’t clearly say what you can sell and what you can’t sell on the app.

Safety Concerns

Remember VarageSale that is managed by admins who won’t let just anyone in? Well, LetGo is as freestyle as they come. All you need to join is either a Facebook, email or Google account. if you are not comfortable with that, you can sit this one out and try other alternatives.

LetGo App Alternatives

It seems the biggest stumbling block with LetGo is how easy it is to lose money. So, you don't have to tell me if you’d choose to look elsewhere. Fortunately there’s the Amazon.com app and the SwagBucks.com app that are safe places where you can shop with rated or trusted companies and sites.

Is The LetGo App Legit?

I guess technically you can say LetGo is legit in that the app does what it says it will do. However, I wouldn’t call it safe. Some of the complaints we came across tend to suggest chances of falling for scams are high.

They have a negative BBB rating and an awful customer service so we don't really know how they handle the complaints from their users. There’s no way of telling what to expect with LetGo so I would tread carefully if I were you.

Sounds too risky? If so, you have sites like Swagbucks.com that you can use to buy stuff online with stores that you know and trust. Using Swagbucks.com they will give you cash back, so it's great way to save and make money while you shop. You can also shop using the Amazon.com app and take advantage of the FREE guaranteed Amazon Prime Free 1-2 Day Delivery. So you have other options as well to consider.

Well, that’s my two cents about LetGo. Let me know your thoughts and experiences below. If you have any questions about the LetGo app visit their FAQ section here.

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The LetGO app helps people within a certain location to buy and sell used items. They have been around for a couple of years now, but its popularity is slowly burning out. There are complaints, red flags and broken promises you might want to know about. We have broken them down in this LetGo App review.

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