The Perfect Sculpt Bra Review: Does It Really Work or Is It A Push Up Scam?

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Let's face it, we all want to look good. If you don't, you're probably lying to yourself. So some of us diet and exercise regularly. And sometimes that isn't enough and we still need a little extra help so we can look our best. So there are numerous products available that can claim to help us tone and shape our problem areas, but do they really work? Today let's take a look at a product for women called the Perfect Sculpt Bra that claims to help push up your girls.

What is The Perfect Sculpt Bra?

The Perfect Sculpt Bra is a company that provides women with sculpting and toning undergarments at affordable prices. The company appears to have started in 2017 in Clifton, New Jersey.

How Does The Perfect Sculpt Bra Work?

At the time of this review, they offer three main products to help women tone and sculpt “problem areas” in order to help them look their best. The products include The Perfect Sculpt Bra, Butt-Lift Undergarment, and Waist Trainers. Allegedly the products help increase body heat in order to boost metabolism rates for weight loss. To wear the bra, you are to first partially loosen the bra clips, place the bra on your breasts, and then pull the string ties while pulling up the clip.

The Perfect Sculpt Bra Features

The Perfect Sculpt Bra is silicon-based and provides strapless invisible support under clothes. It is lightweight and durable design weighs only approximately 2 ounces and prevents slipping while being worn. The bra comes in multiple sizes and colors to choose from. The product should be hand washed to help it keep its shape for the long-term. It is priced at $20.99 and you can receive up to 25% off multiple purchases. You can order it online directly on the company's website.

What We Like About Perfect Sculpt Bra

Easy to Use: The bra can easily be slipped on and off in a few simple steps.

All Sizes Available: The bra comes in a wide range of sizes for all body types. The company offers a cup size conversion chart on its website for several countries around the world so you can choose the exact right size best for you.

Can be Reused Over and Over Again: The Perfect Sculpt Bra can be worn for 8 hours each time and be re-used up to 50 times.

Allergy-Free: The product is laboratory tested and safe to use with sensitive skin.

No Sticky Residue: Unlike competitive products, there is no glue or other sticky substance on the bra to keep it place on your skin. This helps prevent redness and irritation and makes it painless to remove the bra when you are finished wearing it.

Comfortable Design: The Perfect Sculpt Bra is designed to wear discreetly under clothes with enough breathability so you can move with ease.

The Perfect Sculpt Bra Complaints

Waiting, Waiting, Still Waiting on My Order: In today's world, we are used to fast overnight to two-day shipping with online orders. However, at the time of this review it takes 10-21 days for The Perfect Sculpt Bra to get to your house. The company doesn't even give you tracking information for your package until three to five days after you place your order.

Who Runs This Thing? For some reason, the company does not give any details about its business background or founders on its website. So why all the secrecy?

The Customer Service Experience Could Use A Lift: The only way to contact a customer service representative is through an online form on the website. Some customers have complained that the company does not even respond back to them at all.

Horrible BBB Rating: When it comes to finding out if a business is reliable and trustworthy, people seem to overly rely on the Better Business Bureau to see how it is rated and if there are any customer complaints. At the time of this review the Perfect Sculpt Bra has an F rating and has no accreditation. The company has this horrible rating because it failed to respond to three customer complaints.

No Returns: According to the company's website, you cannot return or exchange The Perfect Sculpt Bra if you have any problems with it. The company will refund your money for faulty items but you must contact them within 7 days of receiving your order.

The Perfect Sculpt Bra Alternatives

If any of the complaints listed above make you feel uncomfortable fortunately there are other strapless and backless push up bras available on sites like Amazon. You can find them here.

The Perfect Sculpt Bra Coupons or Promo Codes

You can usually find discount codes on social media accounts of people promoting the perfect sculpt bra. But you might be able to find some rebates that save you money on coupon sites like and

So Does The Perfect Sculpt Bra Actually Work?

It's hard to tell if the The Perfect Sculpt Bra actually works. There are few positive reviews from previous customers which are only on the company's website. But obviously they'll always pick the best reviews. Ultimate the company is still very young so there isn't a lot of feedback yet. You see the occasional social media starlets promoting their products but they're being paid. So that doesn't tell you much. I guess time will tell if the perfect sculpt bra is going to have longevity.

I do know the whole strapless and backless push up bra trend seems to be heating up as we reviewed another company called Sneaky Vaunt which offers a similar product.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with The Perfect Sculpt Bra or bras like it. So ladies leave a comment down below. I'd love to hear from you!

The Perfect Sculpt Bra Review
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The Perfect Sculpt Bra sounds good in theory. But some of the complaints about when you'll actually receive it is a bit concerning. There are some other complaints that may make you rethink using this as well.

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