Sneaky Vaunt Review: Is It A Push Up Bra Scam Or The Real Deal?

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What Is Sneaky Vaunt?

Sneaky Vaunt found at is a backless and strapless push-up bra, an alternative to the standard push-up bra experience. Sneaky Vaunt is made by Synergy CHC, a publicly traded company that specializes in consumer healthcare products. Synergy CHC manufactures and distributes detox drinkables like Flat Tummy Tea, fitness supplements, skincare products and now alternative women’s accessories, i.e. Sneaky Vaunt. Sneaky Vaunt is based in Westbrook, Maine led by CEO Jack Ross who founded the company back in 2014.

How Does Sneaky Vaunt Work?

The backless and strapless push-up bra works to stick on your breasts with the aid of adhesive linings on the inside of the bra cups. All you need to do is line up the non-sticky hole with your nipples, and the adhesive linings will cling onto your breasts. Using the clasp, you can now adjust the lining to your convenience. As Sneaky Vaunt has it, the result is a ‘’ girl-crush-worthy cleavage’’. While washing, you would want to use warm soapy water and air-dry to protect the adhesive lining.

Sneaky Vaunt Features

Adhesive lining
The push-up bra claims to stay on for as long as you want with the ‘’innovative’’ design that keeps your cleavage right where you want it to be, well into the night.

Easy to fit
You will need to select your usual cup size and since it is strapless backless bra, you will not need to worry about the band size, as they say.

Free and Fast Delivery
They deliver for free anywhere in the USA, within five to seven days. They also claim to ship to over 200 destinations worldwide delivered within 1-3 weeks. You also have the option of using priority mail within the USA.
Sneaky Vaunt’s most popular point of sale is via social media. Their Instagram following had reached a little over 150,000 followers by the time we were compiling this review. Apparently, you get the ‘’girl crush’’ experience once you interact with the product’s models via social media or their website.

Sneaky Vaunt Pricing and Refund Policy

Sneaky Vaunt costs $49 regardless the cup size or color. It will cost you nothing to ship if you are in the USA. However if you opt to use priority mail, your order will arrive within 72 hours, unlike the free delivery that takes up to 7 days to arrive. If you are ordering from anywhere outside the USA it will cost you an additional $7.95.
The company does not accept cancellations, refunds or exchanges under any circumstance except for damaged orders. You will have to inform the sales department of damaged orders within 7 days of receipt, and returns are only accepted if the seal is not broken. Payment can be made through Paypal, Mastercard or Visacard.

What We Like About Sneaky Vaunt

Free and Fast Delivery
We love free deliveries, and that’s out of the can. However this only applies if you are ordering within the USA. Don’t get me wrong; the shipping fee is also reasonable for orders outside the USA, as cited by their international clientele. The longest an order can take is three weeks, anywhere in the world. You can also track your order with a tracking number they provide.

Good Customer Service
Perhaps the quickest way to consult would be via social media. It takes them an hour or so to respond. Their Instagram page is video-laden with models ‘’vaunting’’ their stuck-up chubby chest cheeks. You can interact with the models if you want in on the action. You can contact the company via email through the website.

Sneaky Vaunt Coupons or Promo Codes
If you do a search around social media websites like instagram or twitter you can find many sneaky vaunt coupons and sneaky vaunt promo codes. You may be able to find coupons and promo codes on sites like and as well.

Sneaky Vaunt Complaints

Can’t use long term
Your girls might not stay up for as long as you would want, especially if it’s humid outside. Customers complained of the bra notwithstanding sweat with prolonged use.

Not really designed for large cup sizes
It might not support the girls as well if your cup size is more than a D.

No refunds
Once you place an order, you will have to make due with whatever they send. Unless the order is defective, you cannot receive replacements or get to cancel at will. It will be down to your luck once you break the seal. The company does not replace undergarments once the seal is broken.

For some people a Better Bureau Business listing means the company is legit. If that’s you, you’ll be disappointed to know that the company is not listed with the BBB.

Are There Any Sneaky Vaunt Bra Alternatives?

If anything you read above doesn't feel like right to you, there are other strapless backless bras on Amazon that have great reviews and feedback. You can learn more about them here.

So Does The Sneaky Vaunt It Bra Work?

It is a nifty concept to keep your girls popping, as you are guaranteed to use the phrase ‘’eyes up here’’ at one point when you use it. The product comes highly recommended for ladies with girls that need a little nudge northwards. However, if your snuggle-pups are big, you might want to consider a traditional push-up bra with strap support. They might enhance your cleavage for a while, but might not wait for the last guest to leave the party.

It is also not as cost effective as the normal push-ups. How long the adhesiveness lasts will depend on several factors including frequency of use, cup size and how long you can stay without breaking a sweat.

So that's our two cents based on the research we've done. It's just some of our observations and opinions. But we would love to know your views about Sneaky Vaunt. So feel free to leave a comment below! If you have questions about the product itself, I'd encourage you to visit their faqs here. Hopefully you enjoyed this review,  If you'll probably like my The Perfect Sculpt Bra Review as well.

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Sneaky Vaunt is definitely a unique type of strapless and backless push bra. But it does have some limitations and complaints especially if you have large breasts. So it may not be right for everyone.

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