Poshmark Review: Is It A Legit App or Scam?

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Scoring a great deal online always feels great. Apps like Poshmark claim to help people like you and I buy and sell new and slightly used fashion through our phones. You probably want to know whether the app is the real deal or just a scam, and that’s why you’re going so many Poshmark App reviews.

Well I strongly suggest you read this review if you really want to know what you’ll be in for if you choose to use the app.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark.com is an app and website where people meet to buy and sell men, women and kids’ clothes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. Did you know you can get paid to download apps like Poshmark at Swagbucks.com? Well, now you know. Anyway, Wikipedia says Poshmark was founded in 2011 by Manish Chandra, Tracy Sun, Gautam Golwala, and Chetan Pungaliya with headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA USA.

How Does The Poshmark App Work?

As I mentioned earlier, you can either buy or sell fashion items on Poshmark. They also feature designer brands like Michel Kors, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. You can view all of them here. But here’s how things work on the app.


Buying on Poshmark

To buy stuff all you have to do is log in and search for whatever you want using the available filters of size, brand, color, price etc. You can even chat up the seller and discuss a better deal if you wish. Once you’re through you can check out as you pay for your order. The app will initially walk you through all that once you sign up.

They say shipping takes 1-2 weeks not unless you want to expedite your shipping for an extra $6.49 via USPS Priority Mail, and that will take 1-3 days.

You can request for refund if the item does not fit the seller’s description, was damaged or you did not get exactly what you bought. But you have 3 days to inform them of the problem, and 5 days to ship the item back, once they verify your claim.

But they say they don’t release the funds to the seller until you tell them that you got the item and it met your expectations.


Selling on Poshmark

If you want to sell on Poshmark, they say you just have to log in to your Poshmark seller account, pick a category of the item you want to sell, take nice photos of the item, add a description and price, and then post it up.

Selling is free, and they say they’ll even give you a prepaid, preaddressed shipping label to use. And as mentioned earlier, shipping is free both ways via USPS. Once the buyer gets the item, they’ll verify the purchase and Poshmark will release your money.

The buyer can then rate their experience with you and this will reflect on your Poshmark seller profile.

How Much Does Poshmark App Cost?

Downloading and using Poshmark is totally free. Actually, you can get paid to download apps like this on Swagbucks.com. As a buyer, you only pay for faster shipping.

How Do I Start with Poshmark?

You can choose to register directly on their desktop website or download either their  Android or iOS mobile app to your device. Either way works and you can also register using your Facebook or Gmail profile information.

Poshmark App Features

Poshmark Parties – Apparently there are themed virtual parties on the app and website you can attend, buy, sell and interact with friends and traders.

PoshPost – They say the PoshPost feature makes it easier for sellers to ship items for free. Essentially, as a seller, Poshmark will give you a prepaid, preaddressed shipping label that you'll use to send the item to the buyer.

Posh Protect – PoshProtect is a security feature for buyers where the seller can only get paid once the buyer says everything’s fine with what they bought.  

Poshmark App Complaints

No company is perfect. But I know you are better off knowing the bad and ugly beforehand? Here are a few things that might piss you off about Poshmark App.

“This is so not what I ordered”

Folks out there are saying some sellers overhype what they sell. Sometimes what you read on the description doesn't match the real item. Poshmark claims they verify the authenticity of everything sellers post, but the complaints from customers tend to suggest the opposite.

Horrible Customer Service

It seems this is one of those companies with terrible customer service. Customers say you’ll have to settle with the seller most of the time. But be warned, some of them can be pretty unprofessional. Even sellers have had to deal with really rude and unprofessional buyers. People talking smack is common here. Worst thing is, Poshmark customer service is not as responsive as you would expect from a company this big.

“It’s been months and I haven’t sold a damn thing”

Apparently new sellers on Poshmark barely do business. Customers say the app makes it look super easy to sell stuff, but it’s not. You’ll have to undersell first to get some reputation before doing decent business with the app. Other customers say even if you attend the virtual parties chances are you’ll need real marketing skills to make sales.

Poshmark App Alternatives

Some of these complaints may be hard to ignore. So it makes perfect sense if you might want to cast your net elsewhere. There are alternative apps where you can buy and sell items online. Apps like decluttr, and Mercari  and sites like Tradesy give Poshmark a good run for their money. And remember you can even get paid to download these apps on Swagbucks.com.

Is The Poshmark App A Scam?

Poshmark is safe, you’ll just have to make sure your buyer is reliable, and same goes for sellers. It’s true you can make cold hard cash off the stuff you don’t nee. At the same time you can find stuff you like cheaply. However, their customer service is unreliable, if what people are saying is anything worth believing.

Well, that’s my opinion on the Poshmark app. Do you have yours? Feel free to chime in your thoughts on the comments section below, we would love to hear what you think!  You can also read their FAQs section here if you still have questions.

Until next time

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Poshmark claims to be the number one app for buying and selling fashion online. But you may want to read some shocking complaints about the app in our poshmark review.

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