FamilyWize Review: Can You Really Save?

Familywize Review

It seems like every year the cost of prescription drugs is on the rise. That trend doesn’t seem to be changing in our favor anytime soon. With that said, apparently there are companies like FamilyWize which claim to help lower the cost of prescription medicine. Maybe that sounds too good to be true and that’s …

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EasyDrugCard Review: Best Discount Prescription Program or Scam?

EasyDrugCard Review

Who doesn’t like saving money? And considering how expensive prescription drugs are, saving money on your health is even more important. So companies like EasyDrugCard claim they can help you save money buying meds by offering you a discount. However you’re probably reading several EasyDrugCard reviews to determine whether that’s actually true.  Well, we scoured …

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OneRx Review: Prescription Money Saver or Scam?

Onerx Review

With the cost of prescription drugs being on a record high at the moment, even the slightest of savings can make a huge difference. Companies like OneRx claim to help you save money on your prescriptions. But as you know everything you hear isn’t always the truth. That’s probably why you’re going through several OneRx …

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SearchRX Review: Save On Drugs or Ripoff?

SearchRx Review

Living healthy while on a budget can be a real pain, especially if you don’t have insurance. But discount prescription drugs programs like SearchRX claim they can ease the pain of expensive prescription medicine. But how can you be sure they work? So maybe that’s why you’re going through SearchRX Reviews to determine whether it’s …

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