TrendsGal Review: Is It A Legit Store or Scam?

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I don't ever want to imagine how the world worked without the internet. I lived through it and I must say it's better with the web. Look at us now; with a few clicks of the mouse you can buy stuff from the opposite side of the world through sites like TrendsGal. As easy as that may sound, you still can end up losing money if you don’t know scams to avoid. You are probably wondering if it’s safe to shop and that’s why you are reading TrendsGal reviews. Well, we have made a list of what’s good, bad and even what’s ugly. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

What is TrendsGal?

Trendsgal found at is an online fashion store that sells all sorts of fashion products including men’s, women’s and kids’ wear, accessories and jewelry. Trendsgal is owned by Mike Xu, the CEO of Shenzhen Globalegrow E-Commerce; the same company behind similar online stores like, and The company went live in early 2011.

TrendsGal Prices

Trendsgal heavily advertises its products on social media as the go-to website for cheap stuff. But are they? Let’s take a look.

Women’s clothing including dresses, tops, sportswear and coats go for anywhere between $5 and $50. Women’s accessories including hair, hats, belts, gloves and the like are priced at $10 on average. Men’s clothing average $20, with most items ranging from $5 to $20.

Women’s shoes both formal and casual mostly fall between the $10 and $40 range. Men’s shoes also fall within the same range, give or take. Women’s jewelry are cheaper than men’s jewelry with the former averaging $5 and the latter especially watches and rings averaging $10 a piece.

Kid’s clothes average $10 with the most popular items going for anything under $10. Household items including cutlery, décor, lighting accessories and electronics rarely go beyond the $10 mark.

You can pay using any major credit or debit card or even PayPal.

TrendsGal Refund & Return Policy

You are probably wondering what would happen if there are issues with your order. If you are not happy with your order you can file a ticket with customer service at any time within 30 days from when it reached you. Supposedly they respond within 24 hours.

You can return an item if it was broken or damaged when you received it, if the size doesn’t fit or you ordered or received the wrong item. You can also return something if you just don’t like the item.

You’ll have to take photos of the item explaining what’s wrong with it, and as long as the labels and tags are intact, you never washed or wore the item, you can return for exchange or refund. You’ll however have to pay for shipping both ways.

You can’t return underwear, swimwear, earrings, items under the specials category and any discounted item.

TrendsGal Shipping

Trendsgal ships globally. It appears the company doesn’t provide its own shipping costs. You’ll have to go with the rates of the shipping service you are using, FeDex, USPS, DHL, and so on. How long your item takes to deliver depends on how fast they’ll process your order and the courier service used.

It normally takes a week or two for US and Canada customers and 3 to 7 business days of you use express shipping. If you are shipping from anywhere else, it takes up to 25 business days, according to Trendsgal. You can view the full shipping chart here. I don’t know if you are of the same opinion but I’d rather shop at and get my items faster with the FREE Guaranteed  Amazon Prime 1-2 day delivery.

TrendsGal Customer Service

If you have a problem with your order, or you just want to make an inquiry, you can contact them on Facebook Messenger, their LiveChat on the website or via email through You can also use their online form here.

TrendsGal Coupons or Promo Codes

There are always coupons or promo codes on their website.  If you are all about saving money while shopping online, check out which has some of the best deals online. You can also visit which allows you to earn money and free gift cards that you can use to shop at Trendsgal or any other web store you prefer.

What We Like About TrendsGal

Affordable stuff

If you are out to get affordable stuff you might not have to look past TrendsGal. People out there love that about the website. The clothes are trendy and cheap so I guess that's a plus.

TrendsGal Complaints

As we mentioned from the beginning, not everything online is black and white. Unfortunately depending on where you turn people want to rip you off. Well, good thing is you'll now know better. Here's the bad and the ugly.

Fake advertising

It appears what you see on the website is not what you get. Customers have complained of getting poor quality stuff, especially women’s clothes. The drop in quality is just too much to ignore. The photos on the website are not the real thing according to some disappointed customers. Perhaps the real thing is a creased out piece of clothing stored underneath piles of other crappy stuff in a warehouse somewhere.

Awful customer service

You might lose your shit waiting for these guys to pick up your damn call. There are quite a number of complaints that show how frustrating it is to deal with TrendsGal’s customer service. Even through there is Messenger or LiveChat, there’s no getting through to these people the easy way.

Slow shipping

Picking stuff from the website is super easy, it’s the waiting for your shit to arrive that kills you. Some orders took months to arrive, according to some shopper's complaints we came by. There’s no guarantee when you’ll get the item. The customer service is slippery so forget about them helping you out.

Negative BBB Profile

We are not sure if the BBB listing is Trendsgal’s, you can check it out for yourself, but it seems to be. Nevertheless for those of you who are besties with the Better Business Bureau, TrendsGal’s rating is an F at the time of this review. I can't say I'm surprised.

TrendsGal Alternatives

I wouldn’t blame you if Trendsgal doesn’t sound like something you’d want to try out. If you just hate slow shipping you can always use Amazon’s FREE Guaranteed 1-2 Day Amazon Prime Delivery. You can also shop online using where you earn money and gift cards that you can use to shop anywhere you like, online or offline.

Is TrendsGal Safe?

TrendsGal is safe but there are a few red flags you have to get over if you shop there. Your order will take ages to reach you, no two ways about that. Customers also complain of not getting items ‘’as advertised’’. Again, their customer service is not that efficient, so chances are you’ll just have to sit and watch your money disappear into thin air.

In a nutshell, let me save you some time. While shopping online it’s always good to shop where you know you’ll get quality stuff on the cheap. I would recommend which is actually faster with the FREE Guaranteed 1-2 Day Amazon Prime Delivery and their customer service doesn’t suck. Again, if you like gift cards and coupons, you’ll love what they have going on at You can even earn real money while shopping, or basically doing the things you normally do online, like watching videos, web search or listening to music. Worth a try right?

Anyway, that’s my two cents about TrendsGal. Feel free to chime in on the comments section below.

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TrendsGal like many other stores has its own pitfalls. Sad thing is, you can end up losing money if you don't know what to expect if you shop at the website. With so much negative buzz surrounding, we dug deep to know what exactly goes down, and what we discovered might shock you.

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