Modlily Review: Is This Store Legit or A Scam?


Back in the day when you wanted something new you had to get out of the house. Today you don’t even have to get out of bed, thanks to online stores. But such a convenience comes with its own quirks and twists. You’re probably skeptical about shopping at and that’s why you are looking …

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TrendsGal Review: Is It A Legit Store or Scam?

TrendsGal review

I don’t ever want to imagine how the world worked without the internet. I lived through it and I must say it’s better with the web. Look at us now; with a few clicks of the mouse you can buy stuff from the opposite side of the world through sites like TrendsGal. As easy as …

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SammyDress Review: Is It A Legit Shopping Website?

sammydress review

I love shopping online, but the thought of being taken for a ride by some of these online stores pisses me off. You probably feel the same way which is probably why you’re going through a couple of SammyDress reviews to know what they are all about. Well we’ll lay out the good, bad and …

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Zaful Review: Is It A Legit Store or A Scam?

Zaful Review

Look I’ve never been a big fan of the Black Friday hysteria where you scramble to ransack the shelves of physical stores to get a great deal. But at least there was no way you would fall for a scam. Now thanks to online shopping, it can go either way. You are probably skeptical about …

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